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  • Korda Sinkers

    Korda Korda Sinkers

    Korda Sinkers These tungsten impregnated rubber weights are a brilliant way of ensuring that your hook link remains pinned to the bottom and reducing the chance of it spooking a carp – and unlike rig putty, they won’t fall off all the time on the cast or when playing a fish! Sinkers are incredibly easy to use and are simply slid off of the wire loop that they come on and onto your hook link when you are tying it. Each pack contains 9 Sinkers. Key features Pin down your hook link Tungsten impreganted Grip and stay in place Easy to thread on

  • ESP Tungsten Putty Silt

    Drennan ESP Tungsten Putty

    9 in stock

    ESP Tungsten Putty Tungsten Putty provides all the key elements that make an excellent rig putty suitable for various applications.  Optimum density means just the right amount can be moulded around a swivel or hook link to provide efficient rig mechanics for balancing pop-ups on a variety of presentations. The putty’s adhesive properties ensure it stays in place on the cast and during use and it hardens slightly in water ensuring excellent durability. The inherent elasticity makes the putty easy to mould and with any relatively hard putty it becomes more malleable as it is warmed in the hands or this process can be aided in cold conditions with heat from a lighter or warm surface. For best results, pinch a small amount of putty off and mould and stretch to improve malleability and adhesion. Once moulded around a swivel or hook link, small amounts can carefully be trimmed off with scissors to achieve critically balanced rig presentations. Available in weedy green, camo brown and choddy silt so the putty can be matched to the lake bed or the different colours can be moulded together to create a multi camouflage putty. Supplied in handy little ‘tackle box friendly’ screw top jars containing 25g of putty. Features: 25g Optimum density Excellent adhesion & durability Tackle box friendly screw-top jar

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  • Korda Dark Matter Ultra Heavy Tungsten Putty 1

    Korda Korda Dark Matter Ultra Heavy Tungsten Putty

    8 in stock

    Korda Dark Matter Ultra Heavy Tungsten Putty Dark Matter Putty contains tungsten and is very heavy for its size, making it the ideal choice of rig putty for pretty much anything relating to adding weight to your rigs. The non-toxic putty is incredibly malleable, even straight out of the tin which it comes in, and means that it can easily be moulded around micro swivels or a knot, such as when balancing a pop-up rig. It can also be added to one of our Sinkers to give it more weight, or to the end of our fused leaders or tubing to make doubly sure that it is pinned down to the bottom. It will stay in place during the cast, and comes in a choice of Weed Green or Gravel Brown, so that you can match it to the type of bottom you are fishing over, as well as your other rig components. Each tin contains 25g of Dark Matter Putty. Key features Tungsten rig putty Heavy for its size Perfect for balancing pop-ups Grips and stay in place on the cast

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  • Sale -19%Last stock! Nash Cling-On Tungsten Putty Gravel

    Nash Tackle Nash Cling-On Tungsten Putty**

    5 in stock

    Nash Cling-On Tungsten Putty Cling-On is a maximum adhesive putty that sticks to every type of link and stays put. Kiss goodbye to worries about whether you are fishing pop-ups a foot up by accident. Its maximum density formula allows you to streamline rigs effectively whilst keeping links, hookbaits, leaders and tubing pinned down where it matters most. Very sticky Total concealment Weed, Gravel or Silt Options

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  • Guru Super Tight Line Stops

    Korda Guru Super Tight Line Stops

    14 in stock

    Guru Super Tight Line Stops Multi-purpose, compact line stops that have a super tight fit on low diameter lines. Ideal for use with feeder and float setups or as back stops. Multi-purpose
 Super tight fit on low diameter lines
 Ideal for feeder and float setups

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  • Fox Edges Kwick Change Pop-Up Weight

    Fox Tackle Fox Edges Kwick Change Pop-Up Weight

    19 in stock

    Fox Edges Kwick Change Pop-Up Weight Kwik Change Weights provide the angler with a multitude of balancing and weighting options. Available in four popular, practical sizes to cover a variety of uses. The weights are attached simply by stretching a piece of the rubber tube and placing into the slot. This forms a totally secure fixture that will not damage the line. Attached simply by stretching a piece of the rubber tube and placing into the slot Totally secure fixture that will not damage the line Easy to change Can be placed on the hooklink material or even hook

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  • ESP Tungsten Sinkers

    Drennan ESP Tungsten Sinkers

    7 in stock

    ESP Tungsten Sinkers A great and reusable alternative to putty, Designed to pin down hooklinks and mainlines, these extra heavy streamlined sinkers are soft and flexible and easy to slide onto mono where they will hold in place or onto coated braid without damaging the coating. Supplied on wires attached to a high-vis fob. Available in Small (12 sinkers) and Large (10 sinkers). Features: Two Sizes Heavier than most on the market yet more supple

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  • Korda Dark Matter Balancing Weights 1

    Korda Korda Dark Matter Balancing Weights

    Korda Dark Matter Balancing Weights Our new innovative pure tungsten interchangeable DM BALANCING WEIGHTS are an industry first! Created to sit over the barrel of a size 11 swivel, these precisions engineered weights counter balance a buoyant hook bait on your chosen rig. Ideal for use with Chod, Hinge-Stiff and Spinner rigs they offer a neat alternative to putty. Made from pure tungsten, which is much denser than other tungsten filled rubber products, they have an amazing size to weight ratio which helps make the final rig neater. The DM BALANCING WEIGHTS can be used to counterbalance most pop ups / buoyant hook baits, this is particularly helpful when using naked Chod rigs where is it can be tricky to obtain the weight needed to sink the pop up. They are also quickly interchangeable, which makes them perfect when trying to critically balance hook baits. They do not wear and are reusable, meaning they will last forever if not lost. Available in 5 weights (0.30g – 0.50g) with each individual product laser etched with a number to identify the weight i.e. 0.30g is labelled as 30. In addition, a ‘mixed pack’ is available containing 15 weights (3 of each size). With the mixed pack, you can try all of the weights until you find one which is perfect, and then use the same size each time for that particular hook bait. Did you know? Crayfish are attracted to tungsten, and anglers fishing waters with them in will tell you what a nightmare they are when using putty. The DM BALANCING WEIGHTS are the perfect solution to this issue when fishing waters that contain crayfish as they cannot pull them off the rig. TIP: They will fit over ALL Korda size 11 swivels. We have done everything we can to try and control the tolerance of Korda size 11 swivel barrels, BUT sometimes they are a little tight to push on fully by hand. We recommend using a Krimp Tool to carefully bring the balancing weight and swivel together. Please note that they will not necessarily fit on competitor’s size 11 swivels as sizes vary. Tungsten is a very hard material, it has little flex and therefore cannot be easily forced onto oversized barrels. Key features Created to sit over the barrel of a size 11 swivel An industry first Made from pure tungsten Quickly interchangeable Do not wear and are reusable Crayfish proof 5 different sized weights

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  • Thinking Anglers Tungsten Droppers - TATD

    Thinking Anglers Thinking Anglers Tungsten Droppers

    6 in stock

    Thinking Anglers Tungsten Droppers Tungsten dropper weights for all hooklink materials including stiff mono and coated braids. Perfect for pinning down your hooklink to the lakebed. Standard Tungsten Droppers supplied in packs of 18 XL Tungsten Droppers supplied in packs of 9.

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  • Thinking Anglers Rig Putty

    Thinking Anglers Thinking Anglers Rig Putty

    12 in stock

    Thinking Anglers Rig Putty Heavy, pliable putty for counterbalancing pop-ups or moulding around your line to keep it pinned down. Product Features Super heavy Easy to mould Great to pin down pop ups or line

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  • Sale -34% Nash Tungsten Sinkers Small

    Nash Tackle Nash Tungsten Sinkers

    Nash Tungsten Sinkers Versatile wire loop mounted Tungsten Sinkers slide easily on to hooklinks or main line to help pin end tackle down, and act as a secure base to mould additional putty around. Easy to slide onto line Help pin end tackle down Putty can be added

    £2.49 - £3.79

  • Sale -39%Last stock! Fox Edges Tungsten Hooklink Sinkers

    Fox Tackle Fox Edges Tungsten Hooklink Sinkers**

    5 in stock

    Fox Edges Tungsten Hooklink Sinkers Developed with as much Tungsten as possible for maximum density to help pin your hooklink to the lakebed for improved rig concealment. 9 Per pack Tungsten

    5 in stock



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