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  • Sale -9% Leeda Concept GT Telescopic Whip 3m

    Leeda Leeda Concept GT Telescopic 3m Whip

    Leeda Concept GT Telescopic Whip Leeda telescopic whips feature a flick tip style attachment and pre-tied pole rig, so it's a simple procedure to tie the rig on & then get fishing straight away. Product Features Light, strong construction Soft tip action Includes free rig and disgorger Pre-attached eye at the end


  • Leeda Folding Unhooking Mat

    Leeda Leeda Folding Unhooking Mat

    10 in stock

    Leeda Folding Unhooking Mat Compact soft, folding out unhooking mat well padded and easy to transport due to its compact size.

    10 in stock


  • Sale -14%Last stock! Leeda Umbrella 45”

    Leeda Leeda Umbrella 45”

    3 in stock

    Leeda Umbrella 45” 45 Inch umbrella, is perfect for quick day sessions when it is raining or hot enough space to store a chair and some gear under.

    3 in stock


  • Sale -4% Leeda Rogue Pack Pod*

    Leeda Leeda Rogue Pack Pod*

    14 in stock

    Leeda Rogue Pack Pod* Super stable set up made from lightweight aluminium it comes with a carry case included three rod pod that is great value for money. The Rogue Pack Pod has been designed to be lightweight and super-compact in its packed-down state, yet can be quickly set up to become a super-stable, full-size, three rod pod.Product Features Super stable set up Lightweight aluminium Carry case included

    14 in stock


  • Sale -21%Last stock! Leeda 3m Concept Power Landing Net Pole**

    Leeda Leeda 3m Concept Power Landing Net Pole**

    1 in stock

    Leeda 3m Concept Power Landing Net Pole** Strong and durable which makes it great for coarse fishing with a telescopic to aid netting to cover you in many different fishing situations. This telescopic handle is very strong and will cover a huge number of fishing situations, weather its on lakes, rivers ponds or canals.Product Features Strong and durable Great for coarse fishing Telescopic to aid netting

    1 in stock



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