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  • Last stock! Fox Black/Orange Thermolite Long Socks

    Fox Tackle Fox Black/Orange Thermolite Long Socks

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    Fox Black/Orange Thermolite Long Socks The warm thermal socks which are designed for outdoor use provide warmth for your feet in cold conditions. The ideal item to use on cold days. Thermolite isulation, quick drying and moisture wicking. Warm, thermal socks designed for outdoor use Thermolite insulation for added warmth and durability Quick drying, moisture wicking 84% Thermolite, 13% Lycra, 3% Nylon

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  • Sale -11%Last stock! Trakker Winter Merino Socks

    Cipher International Trakker Winter Merino Socks

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    Trakker Winter Merino Socks Cold feet make for an unhappy angler. Made from Merino Wool for maximum warmth and durability, our Merino Socks are designed to make life on the bank more comfortable. 

Product Features Merino Wool for warmth and durability In-turned welt for a relaxed, comfortable fit Ventilation channel for increased breathability Reinforced toe and heel in Cordura Fine recessed toe seam reduces the risk of abrasion 
Technical Specification Available in 2 sizes: UK 7-9 & UK 10-12 40% Merino Wool, 40% Acrylic, 15% Polyamide, 3% Cordura Polyamide, 2% Lycra Elastane For best results, we recommend that you wash these socks inside out

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  • Sale -7%Last stock! Korda Kore Camouflage Waterproof Socks

    Korda Korda Kore Camouflage Waterproof Socks

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    Korda Kore Camouflage Waterproof Socks When you’re fishing there is nothing worse than getting wet feet, especially during the colder months when it can really make you feel cold and uncomfortable, and ruin your session! Whether this comes as a result of leaky footwear or running out without your shoes on when you get a take, the Kore Kamo Waterproof Socks will prevent that happening. These socks have a three-layer construction, including a breathable membrane which is designed to stop your feet from sweating whilst wearing them. They also have padded soles, so that if you do get out for a take just wearing them, then at least you have some protection against stones or anything else that might be uncomfortable to tread on. As well as keeping your feet dry, they are also very warm, and are come in a choice of a camouflage pattern or black. They are avilable in two different sizes, for UK 7-9 or UK 10-12. Key features Three layer construction Breathable and waterproof Padded soles Two sizes

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  • Sale -9% Trakker Polar Fleece Gloves - 207702

    Cipher International Trakker Polar Fleece Gloves

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    Trakker Polar Fleece Gloves Utilising Polartec fleece material, the Polar Fleece Gloves are lightweight, super warm and durable with fold-back fingers and thumbs for increased dexterity while wearing them during the colder months or in colder climates. The fold-over mitten keeps your fingertips warm while the palm patch ensures a solid grip, even in the iciest of weather. Product Features: Lightweight, super-warm and durable Polartec fleece material Fold-back finger and thumb for increased dexterity Fold-over mitten for increased warmth Palm patch for a solid grip Elasticated wrist   Technical Specification: One size fits all

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  • Last stock! Nash ZT Socks

    Nash Tackle Nash ZT Socks

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    Nash ZT Socks Luxurious performance socks for durability through long term high impact wear. Extra thick loop stitched design for heat retention and comfort with reinforced soles and ankles. Trademark ZT thermal performance Reduced bulk for fans of walking boots and field boots

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  • Sale -52% Ridge Monkey APEarel K2XP Tactical Glove Green L/XL**

    Ridge Monkey Ridge Monkey APEarel K2XP Tactical Glove Green L/XL**

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    Ridge Monkey APEarel K2XP Tactical Glove Green L/XL** The lightweight K2XP Tactical Gloves feature a waterproof outer coating and windproof construction. The magnetic folding design of the index finger and thumb allows the wearer to instantly switch from a fully enclosed glove to an exposed index finger and thumb to help perform intricate tasks, such as using a touchscreen device or tying rigs. These gloves offer a perfect compromise between elemental protection and manual dexterity. The high-quality materials and discreet RidgeMonkey branding ensure all APEarel clothing will blend in anywhere you choose to wear it. Shell: 94% Polyester / 6% Spandex Lining: 100% Polyester Palm: 50% Polyester / 50% PU Membrane: TPU Folding magnetic index finger and thumb Signature hex-grip lined palm for excellent non-slip hold Insulated brushed polyester lining Waterproof, windproof and breathable Adjustable, elasticated wrist cuff

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  • Sale -20%Last stock! Nash ZT Gloves

    Nash Tackle Nash ZT Gloves

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    Nash ZT Gloves The Nash ZT Gloves are part of new the range of Zero Tolerence clothing from nash. Built to keep the angler warm in the coldest of conditions. Made from a elastane material which fits the hand perfectly making them comfortable a warm. Touchscreen friendly silicone palm, with armotex kevlar reinforced index finger to cater for extreme casting. Elastane comfort stretch material Silicone palm and finger grip Armotex Kevlar reinforced index finger stall for extreme casting Touchscreen friendly thumb and index finger pads

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  • Sale -9% Trakker Thermal Stretch Gloves - 207704

    Cipher International Trakker Thermal Stretch Gloves

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    Trakker Thermal Stretch Gloves A fleece back thermal breathable glove with a back hand zipper for a tighter fit. Thumb and index finger access so you can work whilst wearing the gloves Fleece back thermal, light weight and breathable glove Water Resistant Back hand zipper access for tighter fit Palm patch for solid grip

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  • Last stock! Nash ZT Polar Socks

    Nash Tackle Nash ZT Polar Socks Size 5-8

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    Nash ZT Polar Socks Size 5-8 The most luxurious outdoor sock yet – extra deep pile fleece outer and lining, reinforced toe and heel and finished with an embroidered ZT logo. Embroidered ZT logo Luxury sock Size 5-8

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