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  • Last stock! Ridge Monkey Armoury Rig Box

    Ridge Monkey Ridge Monkey Armoury Rig Box

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    Ridge Monkey Armoury Rig Box With your rigs being one of the most vital parts of your angling setup, it only makes sense to keep them stored safely. The Armoury Rig Box allows you to do just that. Whilst being light and compact, the Armoury Rig Box can store over 100 rigs at once meaning that you’re always prepared for anything. Simply attach the hook to the rig bar and keep your hooklinks straight by pinning down the other end of your rig with the rig pins provided. The Armoury Rig Box has four storage compartments allowing you to keep items to hand, such as hook beads, boilie stops or swivels. You’ll also find ruler markings to the top of the lid to help you make perfect rigs every time. The Armoury Rig Box is made from a Robust ABS plastic and is weather resistant, meaning it will last the test of time and stand up to what any angler can throw at it. The Armoury Rig Box has been designed to fit perfectly with the RidgeMonkey Ruggage range. Store over 100 rigs Robust ABS & polypropylene construction Strong magnetic lid Two large rig boards Four storage compartments Ruler markings to the top of the lid Rig pins included

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  • Last stock! Nash Scope Ops Tackle Tray Small

    Nash Tackle Nash Scope Ops Small Tackle Tray

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    Nash Scope Ops Tackle Tray EVA semi-stiff Bivvy Trays with the unique Nash camo finish. Ideal to keep all your essentials on your lap, offering a firm base for dining or support for your phones or tablets. Scope Ops Tackle Tray Small: 31cm (L) x 25cm (W) x 3cm (D)Scope Ops Tackle Tray Large: 39cm (L) x 27cm (W) x 3cm (D)

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  • Last stock! Nash Rig Pouch

    Nash Tackle Nash Rig Pouch

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    Nash Rig Pouch High density foam, with boards specially cut out to prevent curved rig tubing and angled shrink tube kickers from being straightened when stored. Sub divided into three boards supplied with 42 pins to separate, store and quickly identify rigs of any length. Supplied with 42 pins Holds multiple rigs Divided into three boards DIMENSIONS 35cm (l) x 13cm (w) x 3cm (d)

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  • Sale -23%Last stock! Drennan Hook Book 6” (15cm)**

    Drennan Drennan Hook Book 6” (15cm)**

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    Drennan Hook Book 6” (15cm)** The 6” (15cm) Drennan Hook Book is the most convenient way to store the comprehensive range of Drennan Pole Hooks to Nylon. The Book can hold up to 30 Drennan Pole Hooks to Nylon plates which equates to 240 individual hook lengths.

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  • Sale -12%Last stock! Trakker NXG Stiff Rig Pouch - 204923

    Cipher International Trakker NXG Stiff Rig Pouch

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    Trakker NXG Stiff Rig Pouch When fishing stiff rigs, it pays to keep them stored flat and straight for maximum efficiency and so you don’t have to steam them straight when you get to the lake. The NXG Stiff Rig Pouch features a three-tiered curved rig bar that is designed to retain the curve in the end section of your rig while still having the option to store traditional style rigs on the straight rig bar on the opposite end of the board. It comes complete with 20 redesigned pins which allow you to store rigs under tension in the high-density EVA foam board. Rig storage pouch with pins End and central fixed bars High-quality, ultra-high-density foam inner Hard outer casing Material: 600-denier polyester DIMENSIONS: L35cm x W13cm x D3cm

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  • Sale -10%Last stock! Trakker NXG Combi Rig Pouch - 204923

    Cipher International Trakker NXG Combi Rig Pouch

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    Trakker NXG Combi Rig PouchThe Trakker NXG Combi Rig Pouch is a dual sided rig and tackle pouch that allows for easy access to your terminal tackle items, keeping everything organised thanks to the zipped internal clear pockets, along with Velcro foam disks which are ideal for storing zigs or even long hook links for floater fishing. On the other side, there is an EVA rig board with a moulded rig bar and Hi-Viz rig pins to keep your rigs straight and organised all at the same time. Padded body Six removable PVC wallets Ultra-high-density foam inner Two separate zipped compartments Internal Velcro-fastened pocket Material: 600-denier polyester DIMENSIONS: L26cm x W15cm x D10cm

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