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  • Sale -10%Last stock! Ridge Monkey Water Carrier

    Ridge Monkey Ridge Monkey Water Carrier

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    Ridge Monkey Water Carrier Never waste a drop of water again. Pick the size ideal for you (5, 10, or 15 litres) and use the inclusive tap to immediately manage the water flow, it’s perfect for those one cup kettle fills. When finished, unscrew the removable tap and replace with the standard lid to create a water-tight seal for transport. The two larger sizes feature an oversized filling hole, making refills more practical and convenient. Robust HDPE body Interchangeable lid/tap system Comfortable carry handle Approximate sizes:5L H300 x D135 x W215mm10L H320 x D180 x W280mm15L H350 x D190 x W310mm

    2 in stock

    £12.99 - £20.99

  • Last stock! Nash Water Container 5ltr

    Nash Tackle Nash Water Container 5ltr**

    5 in stock

    Nash Water Container 5ltr Embossed Nash logo 5ltr water container that fits Trax Barrow wheel storage compartments.

    5 in stock


  • Sale -8%Last stock! Trakker Icon Water Carrier 5ltr - 216516

    Cipher International Trakker Icon Water Carrier 5ltr

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    Trakker Icon Water Carrier 5ltr A 5-litre water carrier, ergonomically designed for easy pour, featuring the stylish Trakker icon.Product Features Easy-fill/pour spout Ergonomic design with wide Sculptured carry handle

    3 in stock



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