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  • Last stock! Fox Weighing Tri Pod

    Fox Tackle Fox Weighing Tri Pod

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    Fox Weighing Tri Pod This new addition perfectly complements the recently launched new Digital Weighing Scales and is ideally suited to anglers that are either weighing fish on their own, or needing to weigh very large carp and need that extra support and stability that a weighing tri-pod can offer. Two-piece legs with spigot in the middle to stop the legs from slipping under pressure from heavy fish Wide footprint aids stability Made from top quality, hardwearing steel frame Comes supplied with own carry bag This dual purpose weigh bar features a compact design and comes supplied in its own protective carry case...

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  • Last stock! Trakker Easylift Weigh Hook

    Cipher International Trakker Easylift Weigh Hook

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    Trakker Easylift Weigh Hook Simply screw the Easylift Weigh Hook into a landing net pole or the Trakker Weigh Staff. Prop the other end of the pole against your foot or something secure, and with one hand gripping the bend of the weigh hook and the other towards the top of the weigh staff, you can steadily hoist a heavy weigh sling effortlessly for an accurate scale reading. PRODUCT FEATURES: Screws into a landing net pole or weigh staff Helps lift a heavy weigh sling for an accurate scale reading Durable construction TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: 20.5 (L) x 10.5 (W) cm Weight: Approx 122g

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  • Sale -7%Last stock! Reuben Heaton Weigh Bar

    Reuben Heaton Reuben Heaton Weigh Bar

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    Reuben Heaton Weigh Bar Machined from polished aluminium bar with stainless steel fittings. Manufactured in our UK factory. Maximum Capacity – 50kg/110lb

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  • Sale -23%Last stock! Nash Weigh Tripod

    Nash Tackle Nash Weigh Tripod

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    Nash Weigh Tripod Once you have used a Nash Weigh Tripod you will wonder how you managed before. The needle swings round and stays put without any shake or bounce whilst even the biggest carp is safely supported, without straining your back and ensuring pinpoint weighing accuracy. Constructed from 25mm aluminium, adjustable legs feature long points for stability. Heavy duty hook, with a threaded main block to accept buzzer bars to produce sky style pods. Rated to support a minimum of over 200lb (approx. 90kg) One touch leg adjustment Eliminates needle shake or bounce for complete weighing accuracy 25mm aluminium construction Heavy duty hook with threaded main block to accept buzzer bars DIMENSIONSHeight: 100 cm-180 cmPacked down: 115 cmWeight: 6kg

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  • Sale -10%Last stock! Trakker Weigh Staff

    Cipher International Trakker Weigh Staff

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    Trakker Weigh Staff Introducing the Trakker Weight Staff, the ultimate tool for anglers seeking precision in carp weighing. This innovative staff elevates weigh slings, ensuring accurate measurements. Its ground spike securely anchors the staff during weighing, while the ergonomic EVA hand grip provides a firm hold, even with wet hands. Crafted with stainless steel, the curved weigh hook guarantees strength and durability. The 6ft one-piece handle is easily stored in rod holdalls, and the stainless-steel laser-etched collar features a universal 3/8 BSF thread for versatile compatibility. Enhance your carp weighing experience with our compact and reliable Weight Staff. PRODUCT FEATURES: Designed to assist you in elevating weigh slings off the mat while weighing large carp Ground spike secures in end of pole in ground during weighing Ergonomic EVA hand grip for use with wet hands Stainless steel curved weigh hook for strength and durability 6ft one-piece handle can be stored in rod holdalls Stainless steel laser etched collar and universal 3/8 BSF thread TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Material: Aluminium

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  • Last stock! Trakker Easylift Weigh Bar

    Cipher International Trakker Easylift Weigh Bar

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    Trakker Easylift Weigh Bar The Easylift Weigh Bar enables 2-handed hoisting of the scales for steady and accurate readings of all-important fish weights. While it’s sturdy, the Weigh Bar is very light when carrying in a rucksack. Features Duplon grips for a positive grip. PRODUCT FEATURES: Enables 2-handed hoisting of the scales for steady and accurate readings Lightweight and compact for transportation Duplon handles for secure grip when hands are wet TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Dimensions: 29 (L) x 4.5 (W) cm Weight: Approx 173g Material: Aluminium

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  • Last stock! Korum Multi Weigh Bar

    Preston Korum Multi Weigh Bar

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    Korum Multi Weigh Bar This versatile product is a great compact weigh bar with multiple uses. Can be used as a standard weighing bar, but also features a thread to attach the bar to a landing net handle when pivoting the weigh sling from the ground for a more accurate reading. Complete with strong caribener and soft touch foam. Great weigh bar Made from strong materials

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