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  • Korda Kickers

    Korda Korda Kickers

    Korda Kickers Kickers may just be a bent piece of rubber, but often the simplest things in fishing have the biggest impact, and these will help improve the hooking potential of a multitude of different rigs. The bent hook set-up was incredibly effective at taking a hold in the mouth of a fish, but also caused a lot of damage, and so for years anglers have been using pieces of shrink tubing to replicate its effect. Kickers take all of the hassle out of that, as they give the same effect but by simply sliding one over the eye of your hook, rather than having to mess around steaming anything. They are also perfect for use with spinner rigs. Some anglers want to camouflage their rig as much as possible, and the Green or Brown version is perfect for that, but on some venues a brightly coloured piece of tubing on the hook can actually make it more likely to be picked up see there is also mixed Red/White and Yellow/Pink versions, if you do want to add a splash of colour to your hook. Kickers are made from robust rubber, with three different sizes to suit the hook that you are using – small for sizes 10 and 12; medium for sizes 6 and 8; large for sizes 2 and 4 – so that they stay snugly in place over the eye. When you hook a fish the Kicker will pull straight during the fight, but will then return to its original shape and ready to be used again. You get ten Kickers in each pack.Key features Improves hooking efficiency Easy to slide onto your hook Different colours available

  • Korda Shrink Tube

    Korda Korda Shrink Tube

    Korda Shrink Tube This Shrink Tube can be used to finish off rigs and increase their hooking potential by curving the hook link inwards, thus helping the hook to flip over once in the carp’s mouth. There are number of rigs which utilise Shrink Tube, with the line aligner being one of the most common. It is stiff enough that it will maintain its shape, but once a fish is hooked it will straighten so that no damage is done – unlike with an actual bent hook. An extremely versitile end tackle component which can be used with any hook size and match to any lake bed you are fishing over. Each pack contains eight 55mm lengths. Key features Multiple sizes Four colours Stiff enough that it maintains shape Easily shrinks down

  • ESP Heat Shrink Tube 1.6mm

    Drennan ESP Heat Shrink Tube

    6 in stock

    ESP Heat Shrink Tube When heated the Heat Shrink Tube will reduce in size to half its original diameter, forming a tough protective sleeve which can be curved or angled. Available in three diameters with the 1.6mm best for line aligner rigs and the 2.4mm for Ronnie rigs. The 3.2mm can be used for sleeving lead loops and swivels.Features: 10 x 50mm lengths Matt dark olive green The 2.4mm is ideal for Ronnie rigs The 1.6mm is best when tying line aligner rigs as a 'kicker'. Forms a tough protective sleeve

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  • ESP Silicone Tube 0.5mm

    Drennan ESP Silicone Tube

    14 in stock

    ESP Silicone Tube Silicone tube has a multitude of uses in carp fishing and with five diamters available the ESP tube covers everything. From trapping the hair against the hook shank and using for the toip bead on leadcore with the 0.5mm, to multi rigs with the 0.75mm and 1.0mm, to sleeving lead loops and swivels with the 1.5mm and 2.0mm.Features: 2m lengths Weedy green Durable Many uses

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  • Korda D Rig Kickers Green

    Korda Korda D Rig Kickers Green

    18 in stock

    Korda D Rig Kickers Green Some people struggle to tie a D-rig, or just want something that takes all of the hassle out of it, and the D-rig Kickers allow you to effortlessly create this highly effective set-up. The D-rig is a favourite of Korda boss Danny Fairbrass, and the D-Rig Kicker has been designed to create the perfect ‘D’ every time, which can be adjusted to suit your needs. These D-rig Kickers are constructed from rubber and once you’ve tied your hook to the end of your hook link, simply slide on the longer part of the Kicker, add a Rig Ring or Micro Ring Swivel to it, and then thread the other end onto the hook, and pull the Kicker snugly over the eye, before positioning the other end of it to create the ‘D’. Different size D-Rig Kickers are designed to be used with a specific size of hook, so that they sit correctly and remain tightly in place.Key features Perfect D-rigs every time Simply slide onto your hook Different sizes available

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  • Nash Silicone Tube 0.75mm

    Nash Tackle Nash Silicone Tube

    7 in stock

    Nash Silicone Tube High grade extra tough silicone for tuning rigs. Ideal for blow out rigs, hook kickers, sleeving and creating bungee hooklinks. Available in 0.75 and 1.0mm 15 x 45mm lengths per pack

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  • Sale -25% Nash Tungsten Hook Kickers Small

    Nash Tackle Nash Tungsten Hook Kickers**

    8 in stock

    Nash Tungsten Hook Kickers Tungsten impregnated, angled extra tough tube extensions to create aggressive rig mechanics and fast turning hooks.Ten per pack.Small (Size 8-10 Hooks)Medium (Size 5-7 Hooks)Large (Size 2-4 Hooks)

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  • Sale -40% Nash Hook Kickers Small

    Nash Tackle Nash Hook Kickers

    12 in stock

    Nash Hook Kickers Instantly create aggressive rig mechanics and fast turning hooks with these angled, extra tough Diffusion Camo tube extensions. Brilliant on Gyro and Ronnie Rigs, ensuring hooks sit perfectly under the pop up and allowing hooks to be changed instantly without shrink tube or steam. Ten per pack. Small (Size 8-10 Hooks) Medium (Size 5-7 Hooks) Large (Size 2-4 Hooks)

    12 in stock

    £2.99 - £4.99

  • Sale -38% Fox Edges Shrink Tube Khaki X-Small

    Fox Tackle Fox Edges Shrink Tube Khaki**

    10 in stock

    Fox Edges Shrink Tube Khaki Shrink tube reduces in size by two thirds when immersed in boiling water and is essential for a multitude of end tackle applications. New large size is perfect for securing your Kwik Change Swivel to your hook for Ronnie/Spinner rigs. X-Small, Small or Medium sizes

    10 in stock


  • Korda Silicone Sleeves Weedy Green - KS3

    Korda Korda Silicone Sleeves Weedy Green

    6 in stock

    Korda Silicone Sleeves Weedy Green TheseSilicone Sleeves were originally part of our Running Rig Kits and are designed to cover the swivel and wire loop on a lead, but due to demand we started selling them separately. Used in this way they will make any rig neater and also help to prevent tangles. If cut down shorter these Silicone Sleeves are also perfect for covering our Kwik Links and Stik Klips. They are made from very durable silicone tubing in a Weedy Green colour, and you get 20 in a pack.Key features Silicone sleeves Fit over lead swivel Perfect for use with Stik Klips and Kwik Links

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  • Sale -40% Fox Edges Tungsten Line Aligna short 6-2

    Fox Tackle Fox Edges Tungsten Line Aligna**

    10 in stock

    Fox Edges Tungsten Line Aligna Same design as our Trans Khaki Line Alignas but with the added benefit of being made from tungsten for extra weight making it a hassle-free solution for creating the perfect line aligner presentation. Eliminates need for shrink tube Simply slide an Aligna down your hooklink and over the eye of your hook (we suggest using the Edges Splicing Needle to thread onto the hooklength) Creates an angled extension to the hook that helps it turn and catch hold in the carp’s mouth 8 per packet

    10 in stock

    £2.99 - £3.49

  • ESP Line Aligner weed 2-6

    Drennan ESP Line Aligner

    ESP Line Aligner With a perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility, Line Aligners extend the hook shank at exactly the right angle to maximumise hooking potential and then flex enough to avoid interfering with direct in-line pull and secure hook hold.Features: 10 per packet Perfect balance of rigidity and flexibility Extend hook shank Maximise hooking potential


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