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  • Dinsmore Plastic Disgorger

    Leeda Dinsmore Plastic Disgorger

    Dinsmore Plastic Disgorger These plastic disgorgers minimise damage to fish while unhooking, and come in a range of bright colours, so you won't lose it in the bottom of your bag.

 Helps reduce fish damage Make removing the hook easier Bright colour Float *COLOUR SENT WILL BE RANDOM*


  • Dinsmore Alloy Disgorger

    Lemco Dinsmore Alloy Disgorger

    Dinsmore Alloy Disgorger A fantastic product that is great for removing hooks from most species, and does so with both strength and efficiency, allowing you to get back to fishing as soon as possible. It has a handy hole drilled in the end allowing you to attach some string to fasten around your neck if you wish.

 Used to remove the hook from fish Strong construction


  • Sale -7% Dinsmore Straight Forceps 4"

    Lemco Dinsmore Straight Forceps

    Dinsmore Straight Forceps Fishing forceps are acknowledged as the best tool to extract hooks. Made of surgical stainless steel and hand forged for durability. The forceps come with large finger holes, serrated jaws and locking system.

 Best tool to remove hooks Durable Stainless steel Serrated jaws

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  • Leeda Folding Unhooking Mat

    Leeda Leeda Folding Unhooking Mat

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    Leeda Folding Unhooking Mat Compact soft, folding out unhooking mat well padded and easy to transport due to its compact size.

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  • Trakker Sanctuary T1 Landing Net

    Cipher International Trakker Sanctuary T1 Landing Net

    12 in stock

    Trakker Sanctuary T1 Landing Net The Sanctuary T1 has been designed to be the workhorse of the fish care range and is therefore highly robust. The six-foot, two-piece carbon handle and 42" arms have been stiffened up to help push the soft, fish-friendly olive mesh through the water and scoop up the awaiting fish with ease. The T1 landing Net comes complete with a water-resistant drawcord carry bag. PRODUCT FEATURES: Easy to assemble spreader block Stiffened 6ft two-piece handle Shrink wrap handle for assured grip 42” soft fish-friendly olive mesh Supplied with draw cord carry bag TECHNICAL SPECIFICATION: Handle length: 183cm (6ft) Arm length: 106cm (42”) Mesh depth: 100cm Weight: 0.80kg

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  • Last stock! Korda Carp Care Kit 1 -KCC4

    Korda Korda Carp Care Kit

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    Korda Carp Care Kit As anglers we want to return any fish that we catch in the best condition possible, and the Carp Care Kit certainly helps to achieve that. It comes in a zipped pouch and includes 30ml each of Propolis and Ulcer Swab. The Ulcer Swab is designed to clean and disinfect any wounds or ulcers on the fish, thus preventing the area from becoming infected by bacteria or fungus. Propolis, which is a naturally derived product which comes from bees and has antibiotic and antimicrobial properties, can then be applied to seal the area and preventing anything getting in to the cleaned area. When used together they give any damage the best chance of healing. The kit contains a 30ml bottle of each of Ulcer Swab and Propolis. Key features Includes 30ml bottles of Propolis and Ulcer Swab Can be used to treat hookholds, sores and abrasions Comes in a zipped pouch

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  • Last stock! Fox Moulded Landing Net Block

    Fox Tackle Fox Moulded Landing Net Block

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    Fox Moulded Landing Net Block Injection moulded block with recesses to allow the angler to see whether they have placed the arms in fully eliminating the most common cause of breakages.

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  • Last stock! Gardner Intensive Care

    Gardner Tackle Gardner Intensive Care

    3 in stock

    Gardner Intensive Care Intensive Care spray is a new concept in angler focused fish care that can be used to treat all fresh water fish. It is perfect for the treatment of hook-holds, sores, lifted scales, The highly active combination of antibacterial and antifungal ingredients in this unique formula penetrates affected areas immediately, going to work reducing infection and assisting in the fishes natural healing process. This means that Intensive Care is ideal for the treatment of all hook-holds, sores, lifted scales, predatory wounds and spawning damage, as well as all general areas of mild infection. As anglers, we always recommend the treatment of all ‘marks’, no matter how small, as a precautionary step to ensure that the fish are in the best possible condition in the future. Intensive care is supplied in a convenient bottle with a pump atomiser spray cap to make application extremely quick and easy. There is 60ml of liquid per bottle. Directions for use:Shake well before use.For all minor cuts and grazes simply spray onto affected areas.For severely infected areas such as deep wounds and ulcers, lightly dry the area before application as this will help the spray penetrate fully.There is no need to retain fish on the bank so treated fish should be returned immediately after use.Wipe nozzle after use (to avoid clogging). **Please avoid spraying the treatment directly onto the fishes gills. Whilst the active ingredients in Intensive Care are perfectly safe, the gill membranes are a very delicate organ and it is best practice to avoid covering them with any treatments or carp care products. This product has been developed in conjunction with the experts at Lower Berryfield Fisheries. Warnings/advice:Keep out of the reach of children and pets.Avoid contact with eyes and do not ingest.The active ingredients in Intensive Care are stain (colour) if excess liquid comes into contact with mats, slings and skin.

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  • Last stock! Korda Propolis - KCC2

    Korda Korda Propolis

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    Korda Propolis As anglers we want to return any fish that we catch in the best condition possible, and Propolis certainly helps to achieve that. This liquid is a natural product derived from bees, with antibiotic and antimicrobial properties, and is perfect for treating hook holds and existing mouth damage, or any other cuts, sores or abrasions that the fish may have on its body or fins. Propolis creates a waterproof seal over any wound, thus preventing bacteria from getting in and helping it to heal as quickly as possible. Propolis is easy to apply in a suitable amount for the area that needs treating, thanks to its dropper-style built-in nozzle, and once the affected area is covered, simply splash on a small amount of water to ensure that it sets before you return the fish.Key features Natural product Derived from bees Antibiotic and antimicrobial Forms a waterproof seal For treating hookholds, cuts, sores and abrasions

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  • Last stock! Preston Latex Hair Mesh Landing Net Head

    Preston Preston Latex Hair Mesh Landing Net Head

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    Preston Latex Hair Mesh Landing Net Head Constructed from a lightweight but very strong frame, the Latex Hair Mesh Landing Net is perfect for all hair rigging requirements. The fine mesh means that bait bands and rapid stops won’t pass through the mesh. Also suitable for silver fish in the smaller sizes, small hooks are less prone to getting caught in the mesh. Available in 2 sizes, 16” and 18”.

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  • Sale -10%Last stock! Trakker Collapsible Water Bowl - 210217

    Cipher International Trakker Collapsible Water Bowl

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    Trakker Collapsible Water Bowl We’ve no doubt all been in a situation at one point or another, where we’ve caught a carp and suddenly found yourself without a receptacle to collect some water in to wet the fish down with whilst on the unhooking mat. With one of these Collapsible Water Bowls stuffed inside your unhooking mat or carryall, you’ll never find yourself in that predicament again! It’s uses don’t stop there though, as the Collapsible Water Bucket can also be used for anything you would use a regular bucket for, such as balancing rigs in, chopping baits into or even mixing small amounts of ground bait and pellet for stick/bag mixes. Welded seams, a semi-rigid rim and easy-to-use carry-handles make the Collapsible Water Bowl a great addition to your kit whilst adding minimal weight and bulk to your load. Multi-use collapsible water bowl 
 Stiffened rim for easy filling
 PVC construction
 Heat-welded seams
 Webbing carry handles
 Dimensions: L22cm x W22cm x D18.5cm  

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  • Last stock! ESP Retainer Sling

    Drennan ESP Retainer Sling

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    ESP Retainer SlingMade using super soft fish friendly mesh which drains quickly and allows safe water flow and accurate weighing. The reinforced weighing straps incorporate fixed metal rings for the scales and the sling is designed to provide excellent support to the carp when weighing. Four floats provide optimum buoyancy and the double ended zip allows the sling to be laid out flat. Other features include reinforced carry handles for easy, balanced lifting and a 3m retention cord with bank stick attachment housed in a handy pocket. The sling rolls up nice and thin and is supplied in nylon sleeve which can easily be stored in a quiver.Features: Reinforced handles Four floats provide optimum buoyancy Double ended zip 3m retention cord with bank stick attachment High-vis strips Four highly buoyant floats Reinforced weighing straps incorporating fixed metal rings Slim backdown and nylon sleeve Dimensions 46” (117cm) long x 26” (66cm) deep

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