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  • Sale -23% Nash Siren S5 Digital

    Nash Tackle Nash Siren S5 Digital

    Nash Siren S5 Digital Renowned Siren sensing capability with advanced digital technology and component integrity for reliable, responsive indication whatever the weather. Four LED colour options. Brass thread for direct connection to Slaphead and Nash Bobbin kits Super sensitive high volume bite indication Run LED and latching LED Extended battery life Powered by 1 x CR2 3 V battery (NOT INCLUDED) NOT compatible with Siren Night Glo Swing Arms or Bobbins


  • Sale -20%Last stock! Avid carp lok down bobbin kit

    Preston Avid Carp Lok Down Bobbin Kit

    4 in stock

    Avid Carp Lok Down Bobbin Kit This Bobbin Kit contains everything you need for effective bite indication, whether you are fishing in the margins or at long range.The kit contains two line clips. One is a traditional ball clip that allows movement through the clip, while the other is a Ying-Yang design that can either be used free running or pinched to the line for unrivalled sensitivity.There's a small bobbin head which is ideal for short to medium range, as well as a larger head that's suitable for long range fishing. Two memory-free Dacron cords are also included, as well as a 5g add on weight. Kit contains the following:1 x Small bobbin head 1 x Large bobbin head1 x Traditional ball clip1 x Ying Yang clip1 x 6 inch Dacron cord1 x 9 inch Dacron cord1 x 5g add on weight1 x bobbin storage boxThe add-on weights are designed to add additional weight to Avid Bobbins when circumstances demand it. Can be used with most bobbins on the market Simply screw into the base of your bobbin head Each weight weighs 5g Black finish Supplied in pack of two

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  • Korda Stow Complete MKII Bobbin

    Korda Korda Stow Complete MKII Bobbin

    Korda Stow Complete MKII Bobbin These feature a complete Stow Indicator set-up with all the bits that you need, barring an isotope. These are based on the handmade Elstow bobbins which have achieved cult status, keeping all of the best bits which made them so popular, and also adding some improvements. The Stow Indicator can be fished with either a slack or a tight line, and when you get a take it will unclip itself from the line as it hits your alarm. It can be used with any type of bite alarm using the magnetic hockey stick attachment with is supplied, and two different lengths of stainless steel chain are supplied so that you can ensure it works properly and always pings free of your line when required to do so. The clip will hold your line securely without causing any damage to it, and the body is extremely lightweight and very sensitive to any movement of the line. Additional weights are available in either 6g or 8g sizes, and neatly fit onto the body without making it any longer. Spare heads in different colours, plus spare hockey sticks are also available.Key features Based on the famous Elstow bobbins Can be used with slack or tight lines Stainless steel chain Line-friendly clip Complete bobbin


  • ESP Butt Grip Mini small

    Drennan ESP Butt Grip Mini

    11 in stock

    ESP Butt Grip Mini Mini Butt Grips are available in three sizes: small for abbreviated handles, medium for shrink rubber handles, and large for duplon and cork handles. The screw fittings are machined stainless steel and the rubberoid cups have been produced from specially formulated polymers to provide optimum fit, grip and release. These grips are neat and minimal yet provide a vice-like grip to prevent rod movement yet release easily when the rod is picked up. Features: Machined stainless steel screw fittings Specially formulated polymers to provide optimum fit, grip and release

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  • Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin Purple

    Fox Tackle Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin

    Fox Black Label Slik Bobbin This interesting new design features the much-talked about Slik Clip, which is a dual purpose clip with a massive advantage over similar styles of bobbin. The Slik Clip is designed to place your main line into the base of the clip, thus ‘fixing’ the clip onto your main line. This far increases the bobbins sensitivity and is especially effective when fishing with slack lines as it is impossible for your line to move even the slightest mm without the bobbin moving. Once you get a positive ‘pull’ on your line it will come free of the line clip and then become free running through middle section of the Slik Clip, which means should a bite turn into a drop back you will still have your bobbin attached to your line. The only time this bobbin will detach from your main line will be when you lift the rod off of the alarm. A further benefit of the Slik Clip is that tension is fully adjustable meaning you can change main line diameters without the clip losing its grip. Alternatively this clip can also be used the more traditional free-running way. In addition to the smart Slik Clip this bobbin also comes supplied with a 3'' Black Ball Chain, a Slim Head and a Hockey Stick. This eye catching new range of bite indicators have been designed not only to complement our market-leading Black Label bankware range but to also help anglers improve their bite indication sensitivity. The beauty of the range is that you can buy a set bobbin for a relatively low price and then customise it to suit the differing angling situations that you will be faced with as no one bite indicator will be the most effective in all situations. Comes supplied with black Hockey Stick, 3ins Black Ball Chain, Slim Head and a Slik Clip Features our unique Slik bobbin clip which ‘fixes’ to your mainline for far greater bite indication Slik Clip ensures bobbin moves as soon as there is any line movement Ideal for use at short-medium range Perfect for slack and semi-slack lines Line pulls free of clip section on bite then becomes free running through middle recess Can easily be converted using Black Label C.I.S


  • Korda Basix Mini Stow 1

    Korda Korda Basix Mini Stow

    16 in stock

    Korda Basix Mini Stow This is a smaller version of the famous Stow bobbins, which were developed on the banks of Elstow Lake and have been used by many members of Team Korda for years. The principle behind this bobbin is that it can be fished with both tight and slack lines, and when you get a take, the line releases from the clip on the side of it. For that to happen the stainless steel ball chain which it is fitted to needs to be the same length as your bite alarm, and a detachable connector system allows you to easily adjust it so that it is compatible with any buzzer (it comes set at the correct length for use with something like a Delkim, or similar sized alarm). It comes fitted with a stainless steel weight, but the 6g and 8g Overweights, which are sold separately as part of the Stow range, can also be used with it. The Basix Mini Stow can be fitted with a Mini Isotope (available in seven different colours), and is fitted below your bite alarm using a moulded hockey stick, which the ball chain screws into. It is available in a choice of red, green or blue. Key features Smaller version of Stow bobbins Complete bobbin setup Compatible with Mini Isotopes Moulded hockey stick Ball chain Available in red, green or blue

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  • Nash Butt Lock

    Nash Tackle Nash Butt Lock

    15 in stock

    Nash Butt Lock The Butt Lock's levers clamp your rod in a vice-like grip and keep your rods more secure than ever, however violent the takes or tightly locked up your clutches. Lift the rod and the unique cam action instantly opens the levers for easy and smooth release. Available in two sizes to suit cork and full handles or abbreviated/shrink grips.

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  • Nash Bobbin Kit

    Nash Tackle Nash Bobbin Kit

    Nash Bobbin Kit All you need for effective and seriously stylish indication Siren Bobbin Kits contain smart acrylic bobbin heads, 8cm chains and anchor brackets. Bobbin Kits can be customised using a full range of accessories including cords, chains, drag weights, magnetic brackets and Glow Pipes that allow Bobbin Kits to connect to the fibre optic output of an R3 and light up your indicator! Two stage line clips allow line to be free running or gripped for better slack line indication O ring fine adjustment for different mono diameters or braided reel lines Sand blasted matte finish with smart Nash logo and central isotope slot Available in three sizes and five colours to match Siren LED options including an awesome frosted clear head perfect for use with Glow Pipes

    £10.99 - £11.99

  • Fox Butt Grip

    Fox Tackle Fox Butt Grip

    20 in stock

    Fox Butt Grip They have been constructed from a robust rubber that grips to the butt of your rod with impressive strength. This grip is greater than most other models available as despite their small size the Fox Butt Grips are actually in contact with more of the butt’s surface area than most. As mentioned previously they are very small, which when coupled with their minimalist styling makes them every tackle tarts dream back rest! The Small for standard abbreviated handles and Large for full Duplon and cork handles. Robust rubber that grips to the butt of your rod Three models available, which are Small for standard abbreviated handles, Medium for Skinny cork/duplon and Large for full Duplon and cork handles

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  • Fox Black Label Mini Swinger

    Fox Tackle Fox Black Label Mini Swinger

    Fox Black Label Mini Swinger Featuring a Black Label hockey stick thread attachment instead of traditional Swinger Plate allowing for less bulk and quick interchange. Matt black anodised coating on arm and weight. Fixed line gate system. Rubber shock absorbers on bottom of the head. Opaque finish on head. Head features isotope slot (for use with the Black Label Micro Isotope). Great all-round indicator for fishing


  • Fox Black Label Isotopes 2mmx15mm

    Fox Tackle Fox Black Label Isotopes

    15 in stock

    Fox Black Label Isotopes These Fox isotopes are designed to fit our black label bite Indicators. They come in three sizes - one for the Micro head, one for the mini swinger and one for the standard bobbin head - they are both white and extremely bright! Designed to fit Black Label Mini Swinger Enables your indicator head to have a subtle glow in the dark/low light 2mm x 15mm, 2mm x 12mm & 3mm x 25mm Only available to buy in United Kingdom

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  • Guru Reaper Rest

    Korda Guru Reaper Rest

    13 in stock

    Guru Reaper Rest The front rest features grippy rubber overmould and adjustable, double-ended arms to retain the rod. The rear rest has been designed to keep the rod on the rest during the most powerful of bites. Grippy rubber overmould
 Designed to hold rod tightly

    13 in stock

    £7.99 - £14.99


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