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  • Dinsmore Plastic Disgorger

    Leeda Dinsmore Plastic Disgorger

    Dinsmore Plastic Disgorger These plastic disgorgers minimise damage to fish while unhooking, and come in a range of bright colours, so you won't lose it in the bottom of your bag.

 Helps reduce fish damage Make removing the hook easier Bright colour Float *COLOUR SENT WILL BE RANDOM*


  • Last stock! Dinsmore Alloy Disgorger

    Lemco Dinsmore Alloy Disgorger

    4 in stock

    Dinsmore Alloy Disgorger A fantastic product that is great for removing hooks from most species, and does so with both strength and efficiency, allowing you to get back to fishing as soon as possible. It has a handy hole drilled in the end allowing you to attach some string to fasten around your neck if you wish.

 Used to remove the hook from fish Strong construction

    4 in stock


  • Sale -7% Dinsmore Straight Forceps 4"

    Lemco Dinsmore Straight Forceps

    10 in stock

    Dinsmore Straight Forceps Fishing forceps are acknowledged as the best tool to extract hooks. Made of surgical stainless steel and hand forged for durability. The forceps come with large finger holes, serrated jaws and locking system.

 Best tool to remove hooks Durable Stainless steel Serrated jaws

    10 in stock

    £6.49 - £7.49

  • Guru Disgorger QM1

    Korda Guru Disgorger

    13 in stock

    Guru Disgorger We have two types of disgorger. The QM1 is the shorter version and has been designed for all-round work, with hook patterns like the effective QM1 in mind. The Conti is a longer disgorger, that has been designed for use when feeder fishing with longer hook links, where deeper hook holds might be encountered, especially with bream. Both patterns feature a specially designed head is rounded to minimise damage and allows you to pop the hook out easily and safely. Both are made from robust plastic, with a super-strong cross-shaped cross section. QM1 is the shorter version for all-round work
 The Conti is a longer disgorger for feeder fishing
 Rounded head to minimise damage
 Made from robust plastic

    13 in stock



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