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    Proper Carp Baits Proper Carp Baits Crunchy Nut Hookbait Dip

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    Proper Carp Baits Crunchy Nut Hookbait Dip Crunchy Nut is a versatile cinnamon and cream nut based boilie. Naturally cream in colour, this bait contains high grade liver powder, naturally derived liquid sweeteners, almond flour, tiger nut meal, tiger nut flour, cinnamon oil, feed stimulants, fenugreek, wheat germ, whey protein and milk powders along with several other closely guarded secret ingredients and is combined with an amazing liquid attracter package. The ultimate nut bait!! PVA friendly. This extremely affective hookbait dip isn't just a glycerine based dip but a dip that we have formulated that includes corn syrup, plus an active liquid, liquid liver in low levels as well all the same attractors that are within the freezer baits, the hardened hookbaits and the pop-ups. Product information should use the same as the description used above. Pva friendly 250ml bottle

    1 in stock



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