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  • Last stock! Preston Ignition Rod 10ft carp feeder

    Preston Preston Ignition Rod*

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    Preston Ignition Rod A comprehensive range of rods that are perfect for any commercial fishing as well as natural waters. Seamless actions and high quality components make them unbeatable value for money. There is a rod in the range for any situation whether its underarming a method feeder in the margin or long range casting on a big reservoir. Each feeder rod is supplied with two carbon tips, 1oz2oz.10ft Carp FeederThe perfect all round commercial feeder rod. Suitable for casting method feeders up to around 40m. progressive action which is perfect for taming match sized carp.12ft Method FeederAs the name suggests this is a superb method feeder rod, capable of casting long distances, the progressive action is not only suitable for large carp but also for Bream and smaller species. 10ft Pellet WagglerPerfect for short casts upto around 20-25m, really reponsive and a great through action which is ideal for Carp and F1's of any size.11ft Pellet WagglerIdeal length and action for all round pellet waggler fishing to around 35-40m. Powerful action to subdue match sized carp with ease.

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  • Sale -5%Last stock! ESP Floater XP 12ft 2.75lb

    Drennan ESP Floater XP 12ft 2.75lb

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    ESP Floater XP 12ft 2.75lb Designed for targeting big surface feeding carp, this stepped up model provides extra power (XP) throughout the rod, a major benefit when playing fish in weedy conditions.The extra reserves of power also provide excellent casting capabilities for heavier controllers up to 80g while the tip section still provides enough shock absorption for lighter lines and small hooks.Features include a matt olive finish, lightweight Minima style stainless guides (40mm – 12mm), full Duplon handle, DPS reel seat and a keeper ring for long hooklinks.

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  • Sale -28%Last stock! Wychwood Extricator MLT 6ft

    Wychwood Wychwood Extricator MLT

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    Wychwood Extricator MLT Built without compromise the unrivalled balance, power and performance with a full cork handle. Up-locking screw lock reel seat Custom-spaced, TS braid-friendly rings Lifetime warranty policy Line clip

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