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  • Drennan Night Light Yellow

    Drennan Drennan Night Light Yellow

    Drennan Night Light Yellow Easy to use night lights are designed to be used in conjunction with the Drennan insert crystal waggler range. Just bend the tube in several places and shake to even out the luminous chemicals inside, then insert into the float or attach with the piece of silicone tubing provided.

 Easy to use Insert into the float Can be attached with silicone Bend in several places and shake for them to work

  • Drennan Float Stops Small

    Drennan Drennan Float Stops

    20 in stock

    Drennan Float Stops Float Stops avoid the risk of line damage and have a variety of uses. They are ideal for trapping wagglers, or as light bomb and link leger stops. They can also act as a buffer or slim rubber bead on all sorts of rigs. Avoid the risk of line damage Easy to use Multiple uses 15 Float Stops per packet

    20 in stock


  • Last stock! Drennan Mixed Float Caps

    Drennan Drennan Mixed Float Caps

    4 in stock

    Drennan Mixed Float Caps Float Caps are used for attaching Stick Floats, Loafers, Avons and other top and bottom floats to the line. They also allow the angler to quickly change floats in seconds. A cap should be placed just below the tip of the float and to prevent larger floats from slipping, add a second cap at the base of the float. Five sizes Different colours Durable

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  • Drennan Grippa Stops

    Drennan Drennan Grippa Stops

    12 in stock

    Drennan Grippa Stops Grippa Stops are large, tapered rubber float stops which hold position on the line exceptionally well.  The Grippa Stop’s bulbous end makes a perfect stop for small sliding rings, or for locking wagglers into position. Two Grippa Stops next to each other provide even more security when casting heavy bombs, wagglers and feeders. The direction of the stop on the main line can also be reversed by taking it off the wire onto a loop of nylon and then transferring it to the reel line. Tapered Perfect for larger diameter lines Multiple uses Don't damage the line

    12 in stock


  • Drennan Float Attachment Silicone

    Drennan Drennan Float Attachment

    Drennan Float Attachment SiliconeSilicone Float Attachments allow quick and easy changing of floats by simply pushing the float inside the silicone. We recommend leaving a gap of around 6mm between the locking shot, rubber beads or Grippa Stops to allow the float to fold cleanly on the strike. This should result in a cleaner connection with a bite. Quick and easy changing of floats Secure hold Attachment Swivel Swivel Float Attachments are an excellent quick-change adapter for wagglers and any floats attached bottom-end only. These excellent Swivel Float Attachments allow the float to fold over completely on the strike and the swivel mechanism ensures that they are virtually tangle free. Quick and easy to change floats Four per packet Virtually tangle free

  • Drennan Pellet Waggler Attachment

    Drennan Drennan Pellet Waggler Attachment

    Out of stock

    Drennan Pellet Waggler Attachment These Pellet Waggler Attachments are ideal for all loaded and unloaded wagglers. The Pellet Waggler Attachments feature four rubber stops, three below to ensure the weight of the waggler does not move them on the cast and one above to hold the float in place. The waggler is attached via a small swivel clip allowing the angler to quickly change the size of the float. There are five attachments per packet which can be easily threaded onto the mainline via the wire loop. 5 per packet Ideal for all wagglers Do not damage line Quick attachment swivel clip

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  • Drennan Pole Float Silicone

    Drennan Drennan Pole Float Silicone

    Drennan Pole Float Silicone Fine Pole Float Silicone comes in four different diameters and consists of two pre-cut sizes of silicone tubing in each pack. Supplied with both black and clear silicone, you can use the black with carbon stems and the clear for wire. Each packet contains approximately enough silicone for fifty rigs Black and clear silicone Durable Pre-cut into two lengths Ex Fine Polemaster Extra Fine Pole Float Tube consists of three extra-fine diameters of silicone tubing for pole floats with slim wire or carbon stems. Each packet contains approximately 30cm of tubing Pre-cut


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