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  • Drennan Swivel Stop Bead

    Drennan Drennan Swivel Stop Bead

    Drennan Swivel Stop Bead Swivel Stop Beads are an effective anti-tangle stop for all running lead and feeder rigs. The rubber bead is designed to house the top ring and barrel of the swivel and leave the bottom ring protruding and free to rotate. Using a five-turn grinner knot in the following reel lines, the knot will fit neatly inside the bead. Each pack contains eight swivels and eight beads Size 14 Bead/Swivel for up to 5lb (0.22mm) line Size 11 Bead/Swivel for up to 10lb (0.30mm) line Size 9 Bead/Swivel for up to 15lb (0.40mm) line

  • Korda - High Grip Hook Bead Medium

    Korda Korda High Grip Hook Bead

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    Korda High Grip Hook Bead Our specially designed High Grip Hook Beads are made with an increased surface area which means a large percentage of the bead is in contact with the shank of the hook. This design feature ensures that the High Grip Hook Bead will not slip when using large hook baits at long range. The slick tapered shape of the bead allows it to remain as small as possible whilst maintaining it’s grip strength. The Medium size is designed to trap a MEDIUM Micro Ring Swivel (or MEDIUM Bait Screw Swivel) on the hook shank for a variety of rig presentation.Key features Tapered design traps medium Micro Swivel Suitable for hook sizes 2 – 10 Small design with impressive grip strength Quantity: Packs of 20 Colour: Green

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  • Korda Beads 1

    Korda Korda Beads

    Korda Beads Originally designed for use with our Flying Backleads, where they sit above the leader knot and prevent the backlead from sliding all the way down to the lead. These soft rubber beads are also perfect for helicopter set-ups, including chod rigs, as they have a tapered bore which helps them to easily pass over leader knots. The beads are also great for use with a shocker rig, positioned between the lead and the backstop. They can also be used to protect knots and act as a buffer, as the tapered bore allows the knot to be located inside of the bead. They come in a choice of Muddy Brown or Weed Green, 4mm or 5mm, in packs containing 25 beads.  Key features Soft rubber Tapered internal bore Muddy Brown or Weed Green 4mm or 5mm

  • ESP Balance Beads Large

    Drennan ESP Balance Beads

    ESP Balance Beads Designed as a very convenient alternative to tungsten putty, they provide a secure fit over the swivel knot or trapped on a short loop.  Perfect as a counterbalance on Ronnie rig booms and on the hook section of a hinge rig. The beads need to be pierced with a splicing needle or fine bait needle then threaded onto the link and pushed over the swivel or loop knot. Containing 75% tungsten, the Small weighs 0.3g, perfect for 12mm pop ups combined with a size 6 Ronnie. The Large weighs 0.6g for 14 – 16mm pop ups on a size 4. Different combinations can achieve critically balanced or over-weighted presentations and the beads can also be trimmed for precision balancing. Unlike tungsten putty, these beads are crayfish proof and provide a consistent and easily repeatable alternative to putty. 8 beads per pack. Small or large sizes. Weedy green, Camo brown and Silt options

  • Korda No Trace Beads - KSCB

    Korda Korda No Trace Beads

    7 in stock

    Korda No Trace Beads Should your main line break above the Chod Sleeve, then the spare No Trace Beads – which has a slit in the side of it - easily pops off of it and falls off of your line, allowing the Ring Swivel to come free, and the fish is left with just the hook link. Spare No Trace Beads Compatible with Naked Chod Safety System and Leadcore Chod Safety System

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  • Drennan Leger Stops Mini

    Drennan Drennan Leger Stops

    12 in stock

    Drennan Leger Stops The classic Leger Stop is small, neat and as popular as ever. Simply pass the line through the collar and push in the plug to trap the line in place. Leger Stops are made from a super soft plastic to ensure no line damage is caused. Super soft plastic Easy to use 10 per packet

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  • ESP Shock Beads

    Drennan ESP Shock Beads

    13 in stock

    ESP Shock Beads The 5mm Rubber Shock Beads are designed to fit perfectly over the top of 0.5mm silicone tubing when used on leadcore for helicopter and chod rigs. In the event of a break, the top bead will push off the silicone tube and with its enlarged bore, the bead is then free to pass over the leader knot. The 8mm Rubber Shock Beads are made from an extra tough polymer and provide the perfect shock absorber when used in running lead and marker float setups. The tapered bore provides a perfect snug fit for the eye of a size 9 swivel. Features: 25 per packet 5mm Bead fits perfectly fits over 0.5mm silicone Great for heli or chod rigs 8mm Beads are perfect for running rigs Durable

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  • Korum Quick Change Beads

    Preston Korum Quick Change Beads

    19 in stock

    Korum Quick Change Beads Quick Change Beads enable you to change your hooklength instantly and also act as a shock bead when fishing a running feeder. Simple to use and totally reliable (they havve been thoroughly tested in extreme conditions and will never let you down), they are perfect for stillwater and river styles of feeder and bomb fishing. Available in both camo and standard black Sizes standard and large. The original and best design!

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  • Last stock! Korda Line Saver Beads - KLSB

    Korda Korda Line Saver Beads

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    Korda Line Saver Beads This clever bead is aimed specifically at anglers who are fishing naked chod rigs and has been designed to protect your line during the fight. The Liner Saver Bead is made from tungsten impregnated rubber, to ensure it sits flush to the lakebed, and is designed to be used as the bead closest to your lead when using a naked chod. Its tapered design means that your hook link swivel will sit against the bead when you cast, but is still free to fly up your line to your upper bead during flight, but when a fish is hook it will slide back down to the thicker end of the Line Saver Bead, with the tapered part providing your main line with protection from damage – as compared to the swivel directly rubbing against your line during a fight. They come supplied on wire loops attached to a plastic toggle, which makes the Line Saver Bead very easy to thread onto your main line. There are eight in a packet.Key features Designed for naked chods Protects line Tungsten impregnated rubber Tapered design

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  • Korum Feedabeads

    Preston Korum Feedabeads

    11 in stock

    Korum Feedabeads This free-running, low friction Korum Feedabead keeps resistance down to a minimum and has a quick change clip for fast changing of feeders and bombs. Now with one-piece bead for increased durability. Free-running Quick change clip Low friction

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  • Nash Tungsten Swivel Beads Small

    Nash Tackle Nash Tungsten Swivel Beads

    9 in stock

    Nash Tungsten Swivel Beads Slide over a size 11 swivel to streamline chod rigs and eliminate any need for additional putty. Can be trimmed for critical balance of hookbaits. Small balances 10-12mm pop ups Large balances 15mm pop ups. 5 per packet

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  • Last stock! Korda Shok Beads - KSK

    Korda Korda Shok Beads

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    Korda Shok Beads This has been designed for a multitude of uses. Its unique shape helps to prevent tangles and the cavity at the narrower end will hold a size 8 swivel securely within it. The Shok Bead is ideal for running rigs, marker floats or any set up that requires a buffer bead, and it comes in a low-viz green colour. Pack of 15.Key features Rubber bead Acts as a buffer Tapered cavity Fits a size 8 swivel

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