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  • Last stock! Catfish Pro Tipper/Leech Rig

    Catfish Pro Catfish Pro Tipper/Leech Rig

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    Catfish Pro Tipper/Leech Rig Brilliantly effective sub surface rig for using with leeches, worms or small livebaits. The rig is critically balanced to allow the rig to move in the wind and present a small bait with minimal resistance. Features 50cm carbon tube with 50cm bright orange or bright green semi rigid tubing

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  • Last stock! Catfish Pro Dumbell Livebait Rig Large

    Catfish Pro Catfish Pro Dumbell Livebait Rig Large

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    Catfish Pro Dumbell Livebait Rig Large Very effective sub-surface rig which has accounted for big fish from many waters. Comes complete with diagrams and instructions.

Livebait Large (upto 3oz) now with orange foam balls

 for larger baits use the Expert Dumbell Rigs.

    2 in stock



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