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  • Preston Dura Slip Hybrid Elastic size 5 purple

    Preston Preston Dura Slip Hybrid Elastic

    Preston Dura Slip Hybrid Elastic Available in 8 sizes, Dura Slip Hybrid Elastic combines power, durability and stretch to create the perfect solid elastic for a wide range of species including F1’s and Carp. The elastic has been pre coated with slip oil increasing its performance and further enhancing its durability, Perfect for high catch rate venues where traditional solid elastics may fail. Available in 3m lengths Pre coated with slip oil for durability and performance Available in 8 popular sizes High stretch factor

  • Preston Original Slip Elastic

    Preston Preston Original Slip Elastic

    Preston Original Slip Elastic Slip elastic was the first colour coded elastic available and is still incredibly popular. Pre-treated with Preston slip lubricant to give outstanding abrasion resistance and reliability it is available in five metre lengths from ultra fine size 2 up to a powerful 16.Product Features Treated with lubricant Abrasion resistance Very reliable

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  • Sale -25% Preston Hollo Elastic size 9 light blue

    Preston Preston Hollo Elastic

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    Preston Hollo Elastic NEW 7 Hollo is perfect for a wide range of species and venues. Ideal for commercial silverfish such as skimmers, bream, and winter F1 fishing. Equally effective on lakes, canals and rivers for smaller species like roach, perch, bream, etc. Manufactured from the very highest quality raw materials available and to the strictest quality standards, Hollo Elastic delivers trouble-free, consistent performance. Hollo Elastic is available in 6 different strengths to suit all carp fishing situations from 9H up to a very powerful 19H. Thoroughly tested by our consultants, Hollo Elastic comes in 3m lengths in a sealed bag that ensures it stays in perfect condition. The ratings correspond to normal elastic ratings, so a 13H rating is between 12 and 14 normal elastic strength. Due to a special manufacturing process, injecting lubricant inside the elastic is not required.Make sure your elastic works properly.To play carp correctly, with large diameter elastics over size 10, or Hollo, you need to cut your pole tip back (sometimes quite a lot) or remove the number 1 section completely. Whichever you choose to do you must make sure the tip doesn't bend too much. If it does the elastic will stick to the inside of the top section and not work properly.How far you cut back the tip may determine which type of bush you can fit. If you cut it back a long way to make it ultra stiff, the internal diameter of the tip may be too large to fit a standard internal bush. In this case use an XLarge Internal Bush or a Slip Stretch external bush.Many top anglers remove the number one section and fit an internal or external Stretch Slip Bush straight onto their number 2 section. This produces an ultra stiff tip and guarantees smooth elastic performance. Highest quality Consistent performance No need to lubricate inside the elastic

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  • Drennan Polemaster Carp Bungee

    Drennan Drennan Polemaster Carp Bungee

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    Drennan Polemaster Carp Bungee Tubular, twin-walled pole elastic with a hollow core and a highly visible fluorescent outer. It has excellent stretch and recovery properties and fish-playing characteristics, stretching out further and longer than solid latex elastic. The special bungee connector bead included acts as a sight bob and an effective buffer stop against the PTFE bush. Carp bungee makes the perfect power play shock absorber and helps to subdue big fish rapidly. You get 3m of elastic per pack and bungee beads are included for ease of attachment to the line. Full instructions are also included in each pack. Product Features Highly visible fluorescent outer Tubular, twin-walled pole elastic Hollow core Perfect power play shock absorber Green carp bungee rated 6–8 (1.8mm) Yellow carp bungee rated 10–12 (2.1mm) Pink carp bungee rated 14–16 (2.5mm) Red carp bungee rated 18–20 (2.9mm).

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  • Sale -25% Preston Dura Hollo Elastic size 10

    Preston Preston Dura Hollo Elastic

    Preston Dura Hollo Elastic Manufactured to exacting standards using an upgraded core material, Dura Hollo Elastic boasts increased wear resistance which is ideal for warmer conditions and offers super smooth performance in a range of six sizes to suit a wide variety of fishing situations. Increased wear resistance Super smooth performance Upgraded core material 3m length


  • Last stock! Drennan Polemaster Power Bungee Orange

    Drennan Drennan Polemaster Power Bungee Orange

    2 in stock

    Drennan Polemaster Power Bungee Orange Ideal for margin work, it can handle large carp and tubular, twin-walled pole elastic.Is ideal for margin work and handling extra large carp. It is supplied in a 2.6m length, with a bungee bead supplied also. Drennan polemaster power carp bungee is a tubular, twin-walled pole elastic with a hollow core and a highly visible flouro outer. It has excellent stretch and recovery properties, and fish playing characteristics, stretching further and longer than solid latex. Fluorescent orange in colour, it has a nominal 25 elastic rating and an average diameter of 3.6mm. Orange power carp bungee 25 (3.6mm).
 Ideal for margin work Can handle large carp Tubular, twin-walled pole elastic Highly visible flouro outer

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