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  • Sale -9% Leeda Concept GT Telescopic Whip 3m

    Leeda Leeda Concept GT Telescopic 3m Whip

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    Leeda Concept GT Telescopic Whip Leeda telescopic whips feature a flick tip style attachment and pre-tied pole rig, so it's a simple procedure to tie the rig on & then get fishing straight away. Product Features Light, strong construction Soft tip action Includes free rig and disgorger Pre-attached eye at the end

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  • Sale -18% Nash Dwarf Shrink Rod

    Nash Tackle Nash Dwarf Shrink Rod

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    Nash Dwarf Shrink Rod Ultra low profile Japanese shrink grips on the slim high performance Dwarf blanks with 1K finish for understated style. The Dwarf Shrink range includes 6ft 2lb and 3lb models for the tightest situations, with 3.25lb and 3.5lb blanks for mainstream big fish applications capable of dealing with the biggest carp and heaviest leads. Note - due to different handle specifications Dwarf Shrink Rods do not fit inside Scope Rod Skins Product Information Exclusive Nash reel seat with slimline EVA trim Reverse mounted Minima ringing with anti frap tip guides Matt black tapered butt cap and black whippings Tip and butt section alignment markers

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  • Sale -26% Nash Dwarf Cork Rod

    Nash Tackle Nash Dwarf Cork Rod

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    Nash Dwarf Cork Rod Bringing the premium feel of cork handle finish to Dwarf users by popular demand, and bringing short packdown performance to every situation thanks to the addition of a 6ft 1lb model for stalking, freelining and margin fishing plus a 2.75lb model for smaller venues and shorter range work. Alongside the proven 3lb and 3.25lb workhorses that cope with all mainstream carping there is a Dwarf Cork to suit everyone. Note - due to different handle specifications Dwarf Cork Rods do not fit inside Scope Rod Skins

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  • Korum Phase 1 Rod

    Preston Korum Phase 1 Rod

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    Korum Phase 1 Rod If you’re just getting back into fishing, starting for the first time, or you’re just limited on time altogether, Phase 1 rods will deliver the performance you demand with balance, poise and a fantastic fish-playing action. Using a combination of durable and lightweight materials, Phase 1 rods are ideal for modern day ticket fisheries where you might catch a multitude of species in one day. Finished with full cork handles and line keeper. 2-piece float rod Durable and lightweight rod Great parabolic action Ideal for beginners Finished with a cork handle

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  • Last stock! Fox Eos Pro Rod 10ft 3lb

    Fox Tackle Fox EOS Pro Rod

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    Fox EOS Pro Rods Lightweight low resin carbon construction with SLIK Air guides and a anti-frap tip guide. High quality 18mm reel seat Understated cosmetics Matt black finish Full shrink wrap handle

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  • Last stock! Thinking Anglers Elastic Tip Top CAMFLECK 1 - TAETTC

    Thinking Anglers Thinking Anglers Elastic Tip Top

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    Thinking Anglers Elastic Tip Top Camfleck Two padded tip tops made from our Camfleck print 210D PVC backed material, connected with a length of elastic which prevents you losing one or the other. They will protect your rod sections at both ends and hold them safely together. Product Features Pouch length 20cm Holds the rod sections together Fits 12ft & 13ft rods   OliveTwo padded tip tops, connected with a length of elastic which prevents you losing one or the other. They will protect your rod sections at both ends and hold them safely together. Product Features Pouch length 20cm Holds the rod sections together Fits 12ft & 13ft rods

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  • Last stock! Korum Barbel Rod

    Preston Korum Barbel Rod

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    Korum Barbel Rod Customised to suit the needs of the modern big-fish river angler. Complete with white tips for bite detection, tough SIC lined rod guides and slim cork handles. These functional tools are perfect for chasing big barbel. All rods feature an anti-frap tip guide and pack down into two equal pieces. Tough SIC lined rod guides Slim cork handle Anti-frap tip guide

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  • Sale -38% Nash Scope Shrink

    Nash Tackle Nash Scope Shrink**

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    Nash Scope Shrink Featuring a unique retractable butt section, 9ft and 10ft Scope rods pack down to a miniature 44 inches and 50 inches – fitting in the boot of a car. Yet Kevin’s discovery is that reducing rod length produces tools that are unexpectedly superior in almost every way. 
 Easier to use in confined swims, offering absolute casting accuracy and providing improved contact with battling carp Scope rods have no limits. Casting distances over 170 yards have been recorded with 9ft Scopes. Expanded by popular demand into both heavier and lighter test curves the Scope concept has influenced every avenue of specialist fishing – from spodding to marker work, to lure fishing, drop shotting, even boat fishing.
 Unique retractable butt for the most compact big fish performance ever achieved Genuine Fuji DPS reel seat A great all rounder rod

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  • Sale -13%Last stock! Cygnet Tackle Small Iso Clips 2 - 610806

    Cipher International Cygnet Tackle Iso Clips Small**

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    Cygnet ISO Clips The Cygnet ISO Clips have been designed to fit an array of different sized rod diameters. They can be freely set to your desired position to increase line angle and give greater indication wherever required. These CAD-designed line clips feature a slot to fit the 3mm x 20mm sized ISOLITES to allow for better visibility at night, and come in sets of three. Isolite slot (3mm x 20mm)
 Removable line clips can be positioned to suit
 Will fit most rod blanks
 Sold in sets of three
 Available in sizes small (11mm) & large (13mm)

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  • Avid Carp Exodus Pro Rod

    Preston Avid Carp Exodus Pro Rod

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    Avid Carp Exodus Pro Rod The Exodus range is renowned for outstanding performance, superb quality and exceptional value for money. Recent technological advancements have allowed for the next generation, Exodus Pro. Quality doesn’t always have to come at a price.Exodus Pro rods are built on a high modulus, lightweight carbon blank and finished with a 3k weave, making them appealing to those with a tight budget.The range is home to two 10ft rods from 3lb, which is perfect for stalking and small water fishing and 3.5lb which is perfect for those hit and hold situations or bigger lead applications.The 10ft Spod/Marker rod finishes the 10ft range, offering the perfect application rod for those who prefer using shorter rods, or where space is limited.These compliment several 12ft rods in 3lb, 3.25lb & 3.5lb, as well as a combined Spod & Marker rod, so regardless of your requirements or preferences, there is a rod in the Exodus Pro range for you.All Exodus Pro rods are finished with high-quality fittings, understated graphics, line clips, laser etched Butt caps & high-grade carbon.Exodus Pro rods have a crisp casting action and fast recovery, something previously hard to find with rods at this price point.The fish playing action is responsive yet very forgiving under the tip, giving you the upmost control and the upper hand against your quarry. Unbeatable value for money Perfect for those on a tight budget High modulus, lightweight carbon in a 3k weave High quality components used throughout Classy yet understated aesthetics

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  • Last stock! Fox Tip & Butt Protectors

    Fox Tackle Fox Tip & Butt Protectors

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    Fox Tip & Butt Protectors The Fox Tip & Butt Protectors are perfect for preventing damage to your rod tip and butt. A must have to protect expensive rods. Allow a broken down rod to be secured neatly in two sections for transit or storage. Importantly the bands prevent the lead from knocking against the rod and provide a cushioned yet tight binding which keeps everything in place. Fitted with hard wearing, moulded puller tabs.Product Features Hard wearing Cushion the sections Suitable for use with slings, holdalls or single rods

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  • Sale -9% Nash X Series Rod

    Nash Tackle Nash X Series Rod

    Nash X Series Rod Hardcore blanks with cult styling, the new Nash X Series offer superior casting, playing actions and cosmetics for next level value. 1K finish carbon Satin black Nash reel seat with tapered EVA trim American Tackle Vortex Air reversed ringing Anti-frap tip guide 50mm butt rings on 12 and 13 foot models Tapered Japanese shrink butt grip with profiled butt cap Gloss back whippings, reinforced at the spigots Carbon line clip

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