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    Waverunner Mk4 The Waverunner delivers ANY load to ANY distance. This twin-hopper supercraft takes bait boating beyond the horizon. Huge 5kg capacity The Waverunner is the largest craft in our range, featuring independent double hoppers to deliver a huge payload of up to 5kg X2 hoppers & x2 hook releases Because of its long, double hoppers and two hook release pins, the Waverunner offers unrivalled bait delivery and rig placement options. Great performance in large waters The Waverunner is designed for all waters and boasts an incredible range of up to 1000m* making it the No1 choice for exploring large waters. Twin Bait Rig Release Your boat contains two independent patented hook (rig) release systems that can be used to place two rigs exactly where you want them. Due to the design of the hopper release system, it will contain and drop even the smallest particles efficiently. To learn how to load and release your rig, download the manual. Remote Control Handset Each Waverunner package contains a remote control handset, packed with features. 5.8GHz 6 channel radio system, delivering superb range with less interference. The handset range is 500m+/- dependant on weather and environmental conditions. The handset charger and its AA rechargeable batteries come as a standard. Remote control lighting, meaning all lights can be turned on and off from the handset when your boat is in use. Battery condition meter for accurate handset battery condition information. When the battery is running at its lowest charge, the red light on the meter will light up. To learn how to use your handset with step by step instructions, and how to charge and take care of your handset, download the manual. Built-in safe Mechanism Each Waverunner boat has a built-in fail-safe, which means you won’t lose your boat. When the signal is weak, the boat will stop going forward and it will automatically drive in a circle until it finds a strong signal and comes back into full control.

    1 in stock



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