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  • Korda Lead Clip Action Pack

    Korda Korda Lead Clip Action Pack

    Korda Lead Clip Action Pack A pack that has all the components to help you construct safe Lead Clip systems, which are essential when fishing on weedy or snaggy waters. The basic rule of the Lead Clip system is that the lead must eject before the swivel pulls out of the nose of the clip. If the swivel comes out first, the lead will never eject. Instead, the line will pull back and forth through the system like a running rig, leaving the lead snagged - and the fish too! Use the system correctly and the lead will eject when you want it to. One thing that's for certain is that when the lead comes off the carp rises to the surface, allowing you to lead it over any underwater obstacles, rather than having to drag it through them. This is the most versatile system when it comes to presenting a bait on any lake bed, and it is safe and effective. Each pack contains 5 x Lead Clips, 5 x Tail Rubbers, 5 x swivels, plus 2m of rig tubing. Key features Everything you need to set up a Lead Clip Includes Lead Clips, Tail Rubbers, swivels and tubing Choice of colours

  • Korda Heli-Safe 1

    Korda Korda Heli-Safe

    Korda Heli-Safe This ingenious system revolutionised fishing with helicopter rigs, as it meant that leads could consistently be discharged as soon as you hooked a fish, whenever the situation meant that this was essential. As well as dropping the lead when you are fishing in very weedy or snaggy situations, it is also popular with anyone using a chod rig, where ejecting the lead increases your chances of landing a fish, especially at long range where a heavy lead is being used. There is also the option though to fit a small plastic collar (supplied) which fixes the lead in place, for use in situations where dropping it isn’t necessary, but you still want the versatility that the Heli-Safe System offers. It can be used in conjunction with leaders – such as any ring swivel leader in our Dark Matter or Kable Leadcore ranges, which can be adapted to fit the Heli-Safe bead – or with a naked set-up with your main line straight through to it. Heli-Safe System works perfectly in conjunction with our Leadcore Chod Safety or Naked Chod Safety systems. Each pack contains two Heli-Safe beads, in a choice of green or brown, along with all the bits you need to make it work – including instructions.Key features Revolutionary helicopter system Safe Discharges the lead if required Can be used with leaders or naked

  • Korda Tail Rubbers

    Korda Korda Tail Rubbers

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    Korda Tail Rubbers Tail Rubbers are streamlined rubber sleeves that have been designed to perfectly fit onto lead clips and inline leads, to give your lead systems a more streamlined profile. This helps to reduce tangles. They come in packs of ten. Key features Rubber sleeve Designed for use with lead clips and inline leads Durable and tough Helps prevent tangles

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  • Korda Heli Safe Tubing Kit 1

    Korda Korda Heli Safe Tubing Kit

    Korda Heli Safe Tubing Kit The Heli-Safe Tubing Kit enables you to overcome Leadcore and Leaders bans by allowing you to fish a helicopter style of rig using rig tubing.  This conversion kit allows the Heli-Safe System to be used with tubing whilst retaining all of the usual features of a traditional helicopter set-up and giving you the ability to drop the lead if you need to. As you know, helicopter set-ups have great anti-tangle properties, you’re able to cast them a long way and they allow the top bead (recently update to a on this kit) to be set to determine how the hook link settles on the bottom. For those of you that don’t use heli type rigs… you can basically adjust the bead to allow for what your rig is landing on. If it’s on a hard bottom the distance can be short, low lying weed the distance can be increased and for something like deep silt it can be pushed right up, allowing the lead to plug into the silt but leave the rig to settle on top. The solution to the problem may look very simple, but a lot of thought and testing has gone into getting the Heli-Safe Tubing Kit just right, so that it performs in the intended way in terms of still dropping the lead. INCLUDE THIS WITH THE ABILITY TO TAKE IT OUT We did initially release this product back in 2018 but after it come to our attention that some of the Tungsten Beads – designed to fit snugly onto rig tube had suffered an issue during the manufacturing process. They were too tight when used on Dark Matter Rig Tube, creating a potential safety issue with the setup. We removed the product from shelves as a precautionary measure as our priority has always been to ensure carp remain safe with anglers when using our products. We have since replaced the tungsten bead with a silicone sleeve combined with our brilliant No Trace Bead. This small plug is known as a ‘witch’s hat’ and is located inside the Heli-Safe, it’s part of the very clever design and holds the tubing in place. When used in conjunction with an adapted Heli-Safe ‘cap’, featuring a hard plastic ‘tail’, this ensures that the tubing can’t come loose and that the system works as it was originally intended to. The ‘witch’s hat’ is the cleverest part of this product, as it holds the tubing securely in place… it can be used with either our Dark Matter tungsten or plastic Kamo rig tubing. The Heli-Safe Tubing Kit is sold in packs that include everything that you need for two complete set-ups (excluding the tubing). They also come in a choice of brown or green to match the lakebed. Key features Connects to original Heli-Safe Enables helicopter style fishing whilst using rig tubing Adjustable bead Includes drop-off safety bead

  • Korda Lead Clips

    Korda Korda Lead Clips

    Korda Lead Clips Our original Lead Clip was designed to allow your lead to release in situations where you needed it to, such as if you got snagged or a fish went through thick weed. But the lead won’t come off as easily as it will with our Quick Release Lead Clip, and so avoids unnecessarily dumping leads, unless you really need to for the safety of a fish. The plastic retaining arm is strong enough to take even the hardest cast with a heavy lead without fear of it breaking, and the back end of the main body of the Lead Clip has grooves which help the Tail Rubber to stay on and only come off when it needs to. You can alter the ease with which it releases the lead, dependent on how far you push the Tail Rubber onto the body. To achieve an easy release of the lead, you need to ensure that the Lead Clip can’t run freely on the line, and it is designed such that a size 8 Swivel will fit snugly into the nose of it and will remain in place. This is a very safe semi-fixed set-up, and if used correctly will ensure that the fish can always get rid of your lead, even if your main line breaks.Key features Dumps the lead if it becomes snagged Strong and durable Grooved so tail rubber only comes off when necessary Choice of colours

  • Korda Hybrid Tail Rubber 1

    Korda Korda Hybrid Tail Rubber

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    Korda Hybrid Tail Rubber The Hybrid Tail Rubber is designed to be used with our Hybrid Lead Clips in situations where you are using thicker leader materials which create a bulkier knot. These tail rubbers have a larger internal cavity so that they can be fitted over bulkier knots whilst still fitting neatly onto the lead clip, and allowing the lead to eject when it needs to, without becoming jammed in place – just ensure the clip is moistened before you push the rubber on. Hybrid Tail Rubbers are available in two colours - Weed/Silt or Gravel/Clay – to blend in with any lake bed, and you get ten in a pack. Key features For use with Hybrid Lead Clips Larger internal cavity Can be used with leaders Choice of colour

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  • Korda Tail Rubber Nano Weed

    Korda Korda Tail Rubber Nano

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    Korda Tail Rubber Nano Nano Tail Rubbers have been specifically designed to work in conjunction with the Dark Matter Nano Tubing. These tail rubbers feature a 1.4mm bore which creates a seamless join along the thinner Nano Tubing, helping to prevent tangles when fishing long range. The Nano Rubbers are compatible with all Korda Lead Clips and Inline Leads, aiding the construction of a safe, anti-tangle system. Key features Creates seamless join to Nano Tubing Allows lead to be ejected Prevents tangles Compatible with all Korda Lead Clips

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  • Korda Mini Heli-Safe

    Korda Korda Mini Heli-Safe

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    Korda Mini Heli-Safe The Mini Heli-Safe is a scaled down, compact version of the original and retains all of the features that helped to make it such a huge success… plus a few more. It still works in exactly the same way, which was revolutionary when the Heli-Safe first hit the market. We were able to arm anglers with a way to fish any helicopter style presentation, but with the ability to drop the lead as soon as a fish was hooked. This was a massive advantage in weedy or snaggy situations, or when using set-ups such as chod rigs. The Heli-Safe also allowed anglers to fish in this way quickly and effectively, simply by attaching a lead to the system, and the product did the rest, releasing the lead as soon as your hook link swivel pulled against the top of the bead. Technology has moved on since then, and we have managed to make the system much smaller, which not only makes it less obtrusive on the lake bed; but also reduces drag through the air and will improve your distance when fishing at extreme range; as well as making it less likely to get caught in weed or snags during the fight, once the lead has been jettisoned. Aside from being more compact, the biggest difference to the original is that it now has three different ways that it can be set – it comes fitted with the normal tensioning spring that you will be familiar with from the original and which allows the lead to be dropped as soon as there is any pressure on the top of the Heli-Safe; but is also now supplied with a red spring which requires significantly more pressure to be applied before it ejects the lead, and is perfect in situations where you only need to get rid of the lead on the odd occasion and the lake is fairly clear of weed and snags; it also still comes with a collar, like the original, that prevents the lead from being ejected at all. The Mini Heli-Safe comes supplied with a size 11 half barrel swivel and can either be fished naked or with leadcore. Despite its smaller size, it is still incredibly strong and can withstand the force of using any of the leads in our range, even when casting extreme distances. Key features Scaled down, compact version Reduces drag through the air Additional red spring requiring more pressure to drop lead More streamlined NOTE: Mini Heli-Safe is not compatible with Dark Matter leaders or the Heli-Safe Tubing Kit.

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  • Korda QC Hybrid Lead Clip

    Korda Korda QC Hybrid Lead Clip

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    Korda QC Hybrid Lead Clip This is a quick change version of our original Hybrid Lead Clip, and allows you to quickly and easily change hook, simply by clipping on a new one, as long as it has a loop tied in the end of it. The Hybrid Lead Clip QC has been designed so that it will eject the lead if it gets stuck in weed or snags, and so that it can also be used in conjunction with leader materials such as leadcore, which form too bulky a knot to work with our normal Lead Clips. The clip features an integrally moulded QC Swivel, with a metal loop at the other end of it, which your main line or leader is tied to. Because the swivel can’t pull free from the housing, it works whenever the lead needs to be ejected.  The streamlined, one-piece design means there are no fiddly locking pegs or hinges to worry about - just connect the leader to one end and the rig to the other! The uprated arm allows leads up to 5oz to be cast safely even at extreme range and the clip is available in Weed/Silt or Gravel/Clay, with eight in a packet.Key features Quick change version of the Hybrid Lead Clip Can use in conjunction with leaders Integrally moulded QC Swivel Lead ejects when it needs to

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  • Korda Solid Bag Tail Rubber - KPTR

    Korda Korda Solid Bag Tail Rubber

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    Korda Solid Bag Tail Rubber These tail rubbers are specifically designed for use with PVA bags and are much longer than our standard Tail Rubber. The extra length of the Solid Bag Tail Rubber allows you to moisten and twist the top of a Solidz PVA bag around it for a neat, secure closure. The Solid Bag Tail Rubber fits perfectly on any of our inline leads, sitting flush to reduce any chance of tangles. They are weed/silt in colour to blend in with the bottom, and you get ten in a pack.    Key features For use with Solidz PVA bags Extra long to allow PVA bag to be sealed around it Compatible with any Korda inline lead

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  • Korda Quick Release Leadclip

    Korda Korda Quick Release Leadclip

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    Korda Quick Release Leadclip The Quick Release Lead Clip is designed to be used in situations where you need to drop the lead as soon as the fish is hooked, such as when fishing weedy or snaggy lakes and it is imperative to do so in order to give you the best chance of landing it. The retaining arm is totally smooth to aid ejection, and the back end of the body has specially engineered grooves moulded into it, which prevent the tail rubber from gripping too tightly and ensuring that it comes off with minimal pressure. The Quick Release Lead Clip is still designed in such a way though that heavy leads can be cast a long way, without danger of them coming off in flight. Key features Designed for weedy or snaggy waters Drops the lead immediately a fish is hooked Special grooves ensure instant ejection Strong enough for heavy leadsten in a pack.

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  • Korda Hybrid Lead Clips Gravel

    Korda Korda Hybrid Lead Clips

    Korda Hybrid Lead Clips Since its release, the Hybrid Lead Clip has established itself as the best clip on the market. It has one very simple purpose, and that's to help you ditch the lead if the fish you hook becomes snagged. The design features an integrally moulded Ring Swivel, ensuring that the swivel simply cannot pull free from its housing. This forces lead ejection in the event of it becoming jammed, meaning that carp can be landed easily in weedy, snaggy conditions. The streamlined, one-piece design means there are no fiddly locking pegs or hinges to worry about - just connect the leader to one end and the rig to the other! The uprated arm allows leads up to 5oz to be cast safely even at extreme range and the clip is available in all four of the key Safe Zone colours: weedy green, clay, gravel and silt. You get eight in a pack.Key features Ejects the lead if it becomes snagged Swivel built into the housing One piece design Different colours available


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