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  • Preston Double Slider Winders 13cm yellow

    Preston Preston Double Slider Winders

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    Preston Double Slider Winders Each Double Winder features two sliders so two rigs can be neatly stored on each winder. There is a slot for your hook and a peg which would hold a loop, meaning that rigs can be tied and hooklengths added at a later date if needed without kinking your line. The sliding anchor can be moved along the full length of the winder. There is a small retaining spike at both ends of the slider so it doesn’t matter which way you wind your rig on. The tapered ‘V’ hook holding slot can accommodate hooks as small as size 26 without damage. Sliding anchor Retaining spike at both ends Tapered 'V' hook slot

    20 in stock


  • Sale -28% Preston Pole Winder Anchors*

    Preston Preston Pole Winder Anchors*

    17 in stock

    Preston Pole Winder Anchors* Produced from high quality rubber that not only stretches well but also lasts a long time.Product Features High quality rubber Long lasting Stretchy

    17 in stock



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