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  • Korda Finger Stall Strap

    Korda Korda Finger Stall Strap

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    Korda Finger Stall Strap This Finger Stall has been constructed using a combination of high-grade microfibre leatherette and breathable polyester mesh. The protective finger pad provides the ultimate casting protection, whether using heaviest of mono or the finest of braids. The breathable mesh body is extremely light and coupled with an elasticated Velcro fastener ensures a secure fit around the wrist and back of the hand. Comes in small and large versions to enable the perfect fit. Durable construction Ultimate casting protection Breathable mesh body Velcro fastener Small and large versions

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  • Korda Finger Stall

    Korda Korda Finger Stall

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    Korda Finger Stall Not only is it painful when you get a line cut on your finger as a result of a cast going wrong, but it can also ruining your session and effect your ability to cast properly until it heals up. That becomes even more of a problem when using braided lines and leaders which are much thinner for their breaking strain and can easily slice through your finger if something goes wrong on a big cast. Our Finger Stool completes prevents that problem without negatively impacting your casting. It is made from Neoprene to ensure a snug fit, so that if the line does catch on it the Finger Stall can’t be ripped off of your finger, and it provides protection without being so thick that you can’t feel anything. They will fit any sized finger.Key features Protects your finger from line cuts Made from Neoprene Snug fit Choice of sizes

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  • Last stock! Fox Casting Finger Stall

    Fox Tackle Fox Casting Finger Stall

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    Fox Casting Finger Stall The FOX casting finger stall features a soft leather finger for improved feel and can be used left or right handed. Soft leather finger protector Strap to go round your wrist Can be used left or right handed

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  • Sale -10% Cygnet Tackle Finga Stall - 619506

    Cipher International Cygnet Tackle Finga Stall**

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    Cygnet Finga Stall Designed to protect your casting finger from line and braid cuts when spodding or casting extreme distances. The supple, abrasion-resistant, protective fingertip maintains maximum feel of the line making accurate and controlled casts easy. The ambidextrous design is perfect for right or left-handed users and is secured via a Velcro fastening wrist strap to ensure correct position on the hand during prolonged use. The Finga Stall is suitable for hands of all sizes due to the fast-drying Lycra stretch fabric, offering comfort to all users. Protects from line and braid cuts while spodding or casting extreme distances
 Supple abrasion-resistant protective fingertip allows maximum feel of the line to properly control casts
 Fast-drying Lycra stretch fabric gives comfortable universal fit for small and large hands
 Ambidextrous design suitable for left and right handed use
 Velcro fastening wrist strap ensures position during prolonged use
 Material: Lycra and synthetic leather (fingertip)

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