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    Preston Preston Maggot Tub 0.5 Pint**

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    Preston Maggot Tubs These excellent Bait Tubs have internal measuring marks for accurate bait volume checking and work well individually or as a modular unit with the Baitwaiter.

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  • Sale -37% Korda Hinge Rig 1

    Korda Korda Hinge Rig**

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    Korda Hinge Rig Some anglers are daunted when it comes to tying more complicated rigs like the Hinge Rig, but now you needn’t be, as you can buy a ready-tied version that is set up in exactly the same way as top anglers from Korda would tie their own. The Hinge Rig is a great set-up for fishing pop-ups further off of the bottom (compared to a Spinner Rig) and you can rest assured that it won’t be tangled and will always be fishing effectively, as long as the bottom is clean, thanks to the stiff boom section which pushes it away from your lead and allows it to reset if it gets picked up and dropped by a carp. It is constructed from Mouth Trap to a Choddy hook at the business end, which is curved perfectly to give the best hooking potential, and a boom made from IQ fluorocarbon, so it is unobtrusive on the lake bed. The Hinge Rig comes in a choice of barbed or barbless, with size 4 to 25lb; size 6 to 20lb; or size 8 to 20lb. You get one rig in a pack.  Key features Ready tied version of this effective rig Takes the hassle out of tying it yourself Use with pop-ups fished further off the bottom Tied using IQ fluorocarbon and a Choddy hook

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  • Sale -15% Nash Sliders Green

    Nash Tackle Nash Sliders Green**

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    Nash Sliders Green Cool and comfortable slip on and off footwear for summer sessions, holidays and discretely branded to suit even your social diary. The non slip felt lined upper helps keep them on your feet when you want them to stay on, along with a moulded sole for improved grip.

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    Preston Avid Carp Bait Tubs

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    Avid Carp Bait Tubs These tubs are brilliant for storing bait, items of tackle and tea or coffee. The large and XL tubs come with a removable inner tray to allow anglers to separate items from the main inner tub.Small 0.3 litre / 0.5 pintMedium 0.6 litre / 1 pintLarge 1.2 litre / 2 pintXL 1.8 litre / 3 pint

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  • Sale -33% Korda Fake Food Pop-Up Dumbells fruity squid

    Korda Korda Fake Food Pop-Up Dumbells

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    Korda Fake Food Pop-Up Dumbells The Pop-Up Dumbell in our Fake Food range, is a great choice when there are nuisance species such as crayfish which could steal your hookbait. They are designed to be fished as a pop-up, and will work with any type of rig designed for this. They come in a choice of sizes – 8mm, 12mm, or 16mm – to cover any angling situation, whether you are fishing over a bed of small particles or are using boilies, or even as a single hook bait as the plastic is impregnated with flavour, as well as being quite visual. There is a choice of four different flavour/colour combos: Banoffee (white); IB (yellow); Fruity Squid (pink); and Fishy Fish (beige). Each pack also contains matching coloured hair stops and you get 10 x 8mm; 8 x 12mm; or 5 x 16mm. 

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  • Sale -19%Last stock! Nash Cling-On Tungsten Putty Gravel

    Nash Tackle Nash Cling-On Tungsten Putty**

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    Nash Cling-On Tungsten Putty Cling-On is a maximum adhesive putty that sticks to every type of link and stays put. Kiss goodbye to worries about whether you are fishing pop-ups a foot up by accident. Its maximum density formula allows you to streamline rigs effectively whilst keeping links, hookbaits, leaders and tubing pinned down where it matters most. Very sticky Total concealment Weed, Gravel or Silt Options

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  • Sale -33% Fox Edges Kling On Lead swivel

    Fox Tackle Fox Edges Kling On Lead**

    Fox Edges Kling On Lead New design Kling On lead, ideal for fishing in rivers, on slopes or when there is tow on the water. Moulded 3D camo texture Robust camouflaged non-reflective rubberised matte coating Large eye swivel to easily fit on any leadclip and fit perfectly inside all Fox Heli Buffer sleeves Minimised loop height on all ‘swivel’ leads to reduce ‘free play’ of the swivel when assembled onto a lead setup

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  • Guru Ready Rigs Speed Stop QM1 4

    Korda Guru Ready Rigs Speed Stop QM1**

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    Guru Ready Rigs Speed Stop QM1 The QM1 Speed Stop Ready Rigs are the perfect hooklength option for hair rigging softer hookbaits like corn, meat, bread, wafters, pellets, and even worms. The Speed Stop Ready Rig features an optimum hair length which has been purposely developed to perfectly present most popular hookbaits. Finishing off the hair is a Speed Stop in the end which traps the hookbait on to the hair. There is also a tiny piece of 0.3mm Micro silicone on the shank of the hook which is there to keep the hookbait in place and make sure the rig is working perfectly. The QM1 Speed Stop Ready Rigs are the ultimate commercial hooklength option, suited perfectly to a wide variety of fish species and fishing situations. Ideal for all running line work, such as feeder and bomb fishing and even certain pole fishing situations. This QM1 Standard Hair Ready Rig will work perfectly when you’re targeting bigger species like carp, F1’s, bream and tench, etc. The process of using the Speed Stop is quick and easy, simply push a Speed Stop Needle in the thicker end of the Speed Stop, then push the thinner end of the Stop through the hookbait, making sure the Stop if fully through the bait and laying flat against it. Then simply remove the Needle and you’ve got the perfectly presented hookbait ready to go. The QM1 hook features a unique heavily swept shape, short shank and insanely sharp beaked offset hook point that provides a super-secure hook hold and reduces lost fish. All QM1 hooks are PTFE coated which significantly improve the hooks durability, sharpness and longevity. Our QM1 Speed Stop Ready Rigs are available in 4” and 15” lengths, which cover a wide array of different fishing situations and hookbait options. The 4” Ready Rigs comes pre-tied on our reliable rig boards. The 15” SMWG Ready Rigs come pre-tied on our easy-to-use hooklength spools. All of our Ready Rigs are tied on our tried and tested N-Gauge line. Proving over countless years to be a firm favourite amongst pleasure, coarse and match anglers. 8 Rigs per pack Perfect for hair rigging softer hookbaits
 Optimum hair length
 Comes with a Speed Stop on the end to trap hookbait
 Micro silicone on the shank of the hook
 Ultimate commercial hooklength option
 Great all-round hooklength
 Quick and easy to change bait
 Features PTFE coated QM1 hook
 Available in 4” and 15” lengths
 Tied on our tried and tested N-Gauge line

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    £2.99 - £3.99

  • Guru QM1 4" Bait Band Rig

    Korda Guru QM1 4" Bait Band Rig

    12 in stock

    Guru QM1 4" Bait Band Rig The QM1 has stood the test of time as one of the most reliable commercial hook patterns and the 4” Banded QM1 Ready Rigs work perfectly with baits like pellets, wafters, boilies and maggots. The 4” length is the ideal length to cover Method, Hybrid and Pellet feeder situations. In the 10, 12 and 14 sizes we have improved the line diameter options to offer even more choice in these larger sizes.  Each Ready Rig is tied using the highest quality components available to create the best possible Rig. The super strong N-Gauge line is used on each rig, offering supreme strength and durability.  The sizes range from a 16 right through to a 10 and each spool comes supplied with 8 hooks. QM1 hook pattern 4” length Improved line diameter options More choice in these larger sizes Tied with N-Gauge line

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  • Sale -25% Fox Sliders Black

    Fox Tackle Fox Sliders Black**

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    Fox Sliders Black The Fox Sliders are the ideal way to move around quickly on the bank, get a bite in the night? Simply slide into the sliders and get to your rods quickly.  Black Sliders with Camo embossed Fox logo with padded cushioned synthetic sole. Slip On Comfortable Soft Synthetic 4mm Upper Band Cushioned Synthetic outsole Upper: Synthetic Sole: Synthetic

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  • Sale -29% Fox Rangemaster Powergrip Catapult Method

    Fox Tackle Fox Rangemaster Powergrip Method Catapult**

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    Fox Rangemaster Powergrip Catapult Curved ergonomic handle for increased comfort and control – curve in handle corrects for, and prevents the need for, wrist flexion when baiting. One piece monocoque polymer frame with a ‘Teardrop’ profile on handle to prevent twisting in the hand when in use, which aids accuracy. Sculptured finger grips for greater comfort and control, wide elastic connections for improved elastic flow through frame with reduced tangling. Deep conical pouch, for optimum baiting loads and accuracy and non-tear material on pouch. Pouch has non-slip grip for easier use with wet hands, multi-purpose pouch that is ideal for a wide variety of baits including boilies, particles and pellets. Curved ergonomic handle for increased comfort and control – curve in handle corrects for, and prevents the need for, wrist flexion when baiting
 Moulded Method pouch prevents groundbait ball from being crushed when under tension
 Textured rubber grip on pouch One piece monocoque polymer frame ‘Teardrop’ profile on handle to prevent twisting in the hand when in use, which aids accuracy Sculptured finger grips for greater comfort and control
 Wide elastic connections for improved elastic flow through frame with reduced tangling
 Non-tear material on pouch

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  • Sale -25% Nash Tungsten Hook Kickers Small

    Nash Tackle Nash Tungsten Hook Kickers**

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    Nash Tungsten Hook Kickers Tungsten impregnated, angled extra tough tube extensions to create aggressive rig mechanics and fast turning hooks.Ten per pack.Small (Size 8-10 Hooks)Medium (Size 5-7 Hooks)Large (Size 2-4 Hooks)

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