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  • Sale -6%Last stock! Kent Tackle Dendrobena Worms

    Kent Tackle Dendrobena Worms

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    Kent Tackle Dendrobena Worms Dendrobaena are the most popular worm for carp fishing and pleasure anglers alike, they are one of the easier worms to keep.  Comes in a pot of 15 or 0.250kg approx 40/50 worms

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  • Last stock! Kent Tackle Lob Worms

    Kent Tackle Lob Worms

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    Kent Tackle Lob Worms The Lob Worm (aka Common Earthworm) can be found in a range of colours from brown to purplish-red above through to yellow-orange below.   They are Britain’s largest earthworm and the only deep-burrowing species found in the UK. Perfect bait for carp or any freshwater fish.

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  • Sale -10% Kent Tackle Casters 1 pint

    Kent Tackle Casters 1 pint

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    Kent Tackle Casters 1 pint Casters are a great bait to use in the winter In spring and summer they are a great bait for Carp in lakes.

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