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  • Last stock! Korda Krusha

    Korda Korda Krusha

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    Korda Krusha Crushed bait is a great addition to any PVA bag or spod mix, as it releases flavour faster and also breaks down quicker than whole baits do. The Krusha takes all of the effort out of grinding up whole baits, and can be used with boilies, pellets and particles such as tiger nuts, and will quickly reduce even the hardest of baits into a crumb. Simply put some baits in the Krusha, put the two halves together, and then keep twisting it back and forth until the required texture of crumb is reached. The Krusha is made of very tough and durable plastic, and is built to last, and its shape is designed such that the two halves are easy to grip and twist. A Large version is available for processing bigger quantities of bait, such as to add to a spod mix, or the Small one is perfect when making up a PVA bag mix.Key features Easily crush whole baits Can use with boilies, pellets and particles such as nuts Tough and built to last Great when making PVA bags or spod mixes

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  • Sale -8% Ridge Monkey Choppa

    Ridge Monkey Ridge Monkey Choppa

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    Ridge Monkey Choppa Cut multiple boilies quickly and efficiently with the RidgeMonkey Choppa: designed & developed to chop multiple baits at a time, saving time and effort over traditional methods. Simple design, easy to use and makes fishing with chopped boilies a pleasure – the irregular shape of the cut baits means the they flutter down slowly through the water column and settle gently on top of silt or low-lying weed, creating a baiting situation that is very different to that of traditional round boilies. Simple to use, easy to empty Hard-wearing two-piece design Stainless steel cutting blade Protected registered design

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  • Last stock! Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Oil & Air Kit

    Fox Tackle Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Oil & Air Kit

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    Fox Rage Predator Deadbait Oil & Air Kit Injecting deadbaits with air gives them sufficient buoyancy to be used in rigs that keep them off the bottom, above weed and debris. Dead coarse fish are best for this purpose. Baits can also be made more attractive to predators by adding oils and flavourings using the larger needle included. Gives your bait buoyancy You can inject oil and flavours into your hookbait Keeps the bait off the bottom away from debris

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  • Korda Kutter 1 - KUT20

    Korda Korda Kutter 20mm

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    Korda Kutter 20mm Chopped boilies are great, as not only do they provide a free offering which behaves differently to a round-shaped bait when fish are eating them, but when fishing on any type of lakebed with a slope you can be sure your bait is staying where you put it and not rolling away. Halved boilies also have the advantage of settling on top of weed or silt rather than sinking further into it. Chopping baits by hand would be very time consuming and tedious, but the Kutter takes all of the effort out of it, as you simply scoop boilies into it and then use the plunger to force them through a stainless steel ‘blade’ at the other end of the tube, which cuts them perfectly in half. You can even create smaller pieces of chopped bait by putting them through the Kutter several times.Key features Chops boilies in half Quick and easy to use Stainless steel blade

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  • Last stock! Guru Punch Box

    Korda Guru Punch Box

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    Guru Punch Box The Punch Box perfect solution to the problem of keeping bread and meat baits fresh along with an effective way of punching out hook baits. Keeps bread and meat fresh
 Sliding lid
 Four different sized punches.

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  • Sale -23%Last stock! Drennan Brass Head Bread Punches

    Drennan Drennan Brass Head Bread Punches 2.5mm to 7mm**

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    Drennan Brass Head Bread Punches Brass Head Bread Punches offer a massive range of sizes to choose from when bread punch fishing. This extensive range effectively covers everything from delicate roach fishing, using hooks down to a sizes 22 and 24, right through to larger carp, tench and bream on lakes or chub on rivers using the larger diameter punches with hooks up to sizes 8 and 10. The two sets, Small and Large, both come with a handy wallet. The punches all feature ergonomic handles and machined brass heads for consistent, cleanly cut discs of bread. A side slot also allows you to bait up quickly and efficiently without blunting the hook point. Ergonomic handles Machined brass heads for consistent, cleanly cut discs of bread A great addition to any anglers tackle box

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  • Last stock! Preston Super Pellet Pump

    Preston Preston Super Pellet Pump

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    Preston Super Pellet Pump Featuring a clear body to enable you to see the pellets, robust handle and hardwearing seal the pump is designed to generate perfect hooker pellets for any match or pleasure session and is so simple and efficient to use that fresh pellets can be pumped midsession should you require more.Product Features Quick and easy solution to preparing expander pellets Ultra-compact design Prepare perfect soft hookbaits in under 30 seconds

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