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  • Drennan Double Strength 100m

    Drennan Drennan Double Strength 100m

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    Drennan Double Strength 100m Double Strength was the first monofilament line available in the UK that utilises Japanese hi-tech monofilament technology. It’s been on the market for over a decade - a credential that speaks highly of the line, considering the number of different line types available - and it has references from top anglers from all disciplines. Available in a wide range of breaking strains between 14oz and 12lb, this line comes on both 100m and 50m spools. This line offers excellent strength to diameter ratios in a wide range of breaking strains.  This soft and supple, neutral tone line behaves and handles very well and offers good knot strength. Double Strength can be used effectively across all the angling disciplines and is also ideal for use as a hooklength when surface fishing for carp. It is also the perfect choice for most float and medium feeder situations, making this an incredibly versatile bit of kit.An angling classic that has done the rounds on the both the professional and the pleasure circuit, the Drennan Double Strength is one line that anglers keep coming back to time and time again. With its low diameter, this line is powerful enough for casting distances yet soft and supple enough for playing fish when you need to. If you’re looking for a line that won’t let you down when it really matters, you need the Double Strength. Excellent strength to diameter ratios Wide range of breaking strains Soft Supple Neutral tone

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  • Guru Pulse Mainline

    Korda Guru Pulse Mainline

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    Guru Pulse Mainline Pulse line takes advantage of the latest line technology with low-stretch and high abrasion resistance coupled with great casting and sinking properties to create the ultimate mono main line. Great for both feeder and waggler fishing. Low-stretch High abrasion resistance Excellent casting and sinking properties 300m spools

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  • Sale -29% Guru Drag-Line 250m

    Korda Guru Drag-Line

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    Guru Drag-Line 250m Drag-Line is an extra strong, super abraision resistant monofilament reel line designed to cope with the demands of modern tactics and heavy duty fishing. Extra strong Abraision resistant Suitable for heavy duty fishing 1000m Drag Line is an extra strong, super abrasion resistant monofilament reel line designed to withstand the rigours of modern commercial fishing and heavy-duty feeder work on natural venues. Now available in a 1000m bulk spools with an extremely competitive price tag. Super abrasion resistant
 High knot strength
 Accurate diameters
 Low visibility colour
 Suitable for float and feeder fishing
 1000m bulk spool

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  • Drennan Acolyte Feeder Braid

    Drennan Drennan Acolyte Feeder Braid

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    Drennan Acolyte Feeder Braid Acolyte Feeder Braid is a thin, tightly woven 8 carrier braided mainline with a silky smooth surface finish. Perfect for distance feeder or bomb fishing. It improves bite detection due to its zero stretch, keeping you in direct contact with your rig. This special braid is initially slightly stiff but quickly becomes more supple and flexible with use. It then behaves beautifully, displaying excellent long term durability and colour retention. Silky smooth finish Zero Stretch Perfect for distance feeder or bomb fishing Long term durability and colour retention

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  • Sale -27% Guru Pulse 8 Braid

    Korda Guru Pulse 8 Braid

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    Guru Pulse 8 Braid Pulse8 is a top quality eight carrier braid main line - eight carrier means it’s produced used eight tightly woven fine strands, rather than the more usual four, creating a supple, ultra thin, super strong braid. Perfect for feeder or bomb fishing when feel and direct contact is vital, it’s the ultimate distance casting braid too. Constructed from eight carrier braid Supple, ultra thin, super strong Ultimate distance casting

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