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  • Korda Solidz PVA Bags

    Korda Korda Solidz PVA Bags

    Korda Solidz PVA Bags You won’t find a PVA bag that is more user-friendly than the Solidz, which are manufactured by us in the UK, using the highest quality, pH neutral PVA ‘film’ available. They melt very quick once submerged in the water and leave no residue, whilst at the same time being extremely robust whilst you are tying them, as long as you keep everything dry, and aren’t prone to tearing or ripping. If you are fishing in very deep water, or in countries where the water temperature is higher, then they can easily be doubled-up to ensure that the bag reaches the bottom intact before starting to break down. They come in four different sizes to cover all different fishing situations – from casting a bag to the horizon using the XS size, to presenting a bigger patch of bait in a very tight area, via the Large size, and there is also a Small and a Medium for anything inbetween. Solidz come in a resealable pack to keep them moisture-free when not being used. A pack of the XS or Small sizes contains 25 PVA bags, with 20 in a pack of Medium or Large. Key features Top quality pH neutral PVA Strong and easy to open and fill Supplied with a filling funnel Quick melting with no residue

  • Fox Edges Rapide Load PVA Bags Fast Melt

    Fox Tackle Fox Edges Rapide Load PVA Bags

    Fox Edges Rapide Load PVA Bags Available in 85mm x 140mm, 75 x 175mm and 85mm x 220mm to fit large loading tool, also available in 55mm x 120mm and 60mm x 130mm to fit small loading tool Available in Fast Melt for winter use or in shallow water Slow Melt options also available for summer use or in deep water The Slow Melt bags are increased micron meaning they are thicker and more robust Refill bags feature actual sized 2D image on front that represents the perfect size of bag they can make 25 bags in 85mm x 140mm, 55mm x 120mm and 60mm x 130mm 20 bags in 75mm x 175mm and 85mm x 220mm

    £3.25 - £3.49

  • Korda Basix Hair Rig 1

    Korda Korda Basix Hair Rig

    Korda Basix Hair Rig The BASIX Ready Tied Hair Rigs are ready to use straight out of the packet, all you need to do is add either a bottom bait or wafter, and you’re good to go! These rigs are tied using the camo green coloured BASIX Coated Hooklink material, with a small section stripped back by the BASIX Wide Gape hook to allow movement and increase hooking potential. They have a supple hair with a piece of silicone to hold it in place on the shank and help prevent tangles, and the length of that hair has been optimised for hookbait sizes that suit the size of hook you have selected. The size 8 is designed for 12mm hookbaits, size 6 for a 15mm and size 4 for a 18mm. Each rig is supplied with several Hair Stops and different sized Extenda Stops, to allow you to alter the length of the hair and use different sized baits to those which the rig has been designed for. At the other end of the BASIX Hair Rigs there is a loop and a BASIX Anti Tangle Sleeve to enable it to be quickly and easily attached to a BASIX Lead Clip Leader or BASIX Lead Clip Action Pack set-up (which includes QC swivels).Key features Ready to use straight out of the packet Tied using BASIX Coated Hooklink material BASIX Wide Gape Supple hair with a piece of silicone Complete with BASIX anti-tangle sleeve to prevent tangles

  • Korda Flat Pear Swivel Lead

    Korda Korda Flat Pear Swivel Lead

    Korda Flat Pear Swivel Lead Traditional Pear Leads are a great all-round option, and this flat version comes with several advantages. The weight distribution is still focussed on the nose end of the lead, but the flat sides make it far better for casting onto any spot where the lakebed isn’t flat, such as island or margin slopes, or the sides of gravel bars and plateaus. It is suitable for use on both lakes and rivers.Key features Great all-round lead Shape ensures it holds bottom even on slopes Weight distribution aids good hooking potential Range of sizes for any sitiuation

    £1.90 - £2.10

  • Korda Wide Gape Hooks

    Korda Korda Wide Gape Hooks

    Korda Wide Gape Hooks This is a really classic pattern of hook and the Wide Gape has accounted for a huge number of big carp captures over the many years since it was first launched. It is based on an old classic spade end hook pattern from the 1980s and 1990s which found favour with many anglers at the time – the Maruta Kinryu – but we have improved it and made it more user-friendly by switching the spade for an eye. The Wide Gape features a slightly in-turned eye, with a short shank, heavily forged bend, and very sharp, beaked point. It can be used with a wide variety of different pop-up and bottom bait presentations, and once it goes in it tends to stay in. Key features Classic hook pattern Short shank and in-turned eye Sharp, beaked point Very strong

  • Korda Kickers

    Korda Korda Kickers

    Korda Kickers Kickers may just be a bent piece of rubber, but often the simplest things in fishing have the biggest impact, and these will help improve the hooking potential of a multitude of different rigs. The bent hook set-up was incredibly effective at taking a hold in the mouth of a fish, but also caused a lot of damage, and so for years anglers have been using pieces of shrink tubing to replicate its effect. Kickers take all of the hassle out of that, as they give the same effect but by simply sliding one over the eye of your hook, rather than having to mess around steaming anything. They are also perfect for use with spinner rigs. Some anglers want to camouflage their rig as much as possible, and the Green or Brown version is perfect for that, but on some venues a brightly coloured piece of tubing on the hook can actually make it more likely to be picked up see there is also mixed Red/White and Yellow/Pink versions, if you do want to add a splash of colour to your hook. Kickers are made from robust rubber, with three different sizes to suit the hook that you are using – small for sizes 10 and 12; medium for sizes 6 and 8; large for sizes 2 and 4 – so that they stay snugly in place over the eye. When you hook a fish the Kicker will pull straight during the fight, but will then return to its original shape and ready to be used again. You get ten Kickers in each pack.Key features Improves hooking efficiency Easy to slide onto your hook Different colours available

  • Korda Dark Matter Wide Gape Rig 1

    Korda Korda Dark Matter Wide Gape Rig

    Korda Dark Matter Wide Gape Rig The Dark Matter Rig is a favourite of Neil Spooner and is very simple to construct, but if you want to take all of the hassle out of doing it, or don’t have much spare time, then this ready-tied version is the perfect choice. It can be used with either bottom or wafter-style hookbaits, and thanks to the Extenda Hair Stops, which are included, it can be used with pretty much any sized bait (although the length of hair varies based on the hook size), or even with different lengths of separation between hook and bait. It is constructed using a Wide Gape hook, but with the addition of a piece of shrink tubing to give it a more aggressive angle and improve hooking, plus a piece of silicone ensures that the hair leaves the hook at the perfect point to help it turn and take a hold. It is tied on Dark Matter braid, which sinks incredibly well and blends in with the bottom, with a suitable breaking strain to match the hook size.Key features Tied to Neil Spooner's specifications Simple and effective bottom bait and wafter rig Turns aggressively Constructed using Dark Matter braid to a Wide Gape hook

  • Dinsmore Soft Shot Refill no1

    Leeda Dinsmore Soft Shot Refill

    Dinsmore Soft Shot Refill Dinsmores Super Soft Shot is one of if not the most popular non-toxic shot split shot available on the market. With sizes ranging from the tiny number no.1 shot right up to the larger SSG size. All the shot features a centralised split for nipping on the line & a small grove so you can reopen the shot to remove or adjust the position on your rig.

 Centralised split for nipping on the line Small grove so you can reopen the shot to remove or adjust the position on your rig Refills are available in all sizes from SSG to No.1 *REFILLS COME WITHOUT OUTER PACKAGING*

  • Korda Shrink Tube

    Korda Korda Shrink Tube

    Korda Shrink Tube This Shrink Tube can be used to finish off rigs and increase their hooking potential by curving the hook link inwards, thus helping the hook to flip over once in the carp’s mouth. There are number of rigs which utilise Shrink Tube, with the line aligner being one of the most common. It is stiff enough that it will maintain its shape, but once a fish is hooked it will straighten so that no damage is done – unlike with an actual bent hook. An extremely versitile end tackle component which can be used with any hook size and match to any lake bed you are fishing over. Each pack contains eight 55mm lengths. Key features Multiple sizes Four colours Stiff enough that it maintains shape Easily shrinks down

  • Korda Intelligent Backleads 1

    Korda Korda Intelligent Backleads

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    Korda Intelligent Backleads When you need to pin your line to the lake, river or canal bed all the way from your rod tip to your rig – either to avoid spooking fish or deal with boat traffic – then the Intelligent backlead is the ideal choice. The clip on it allows it to be attached using just one hand, and helps ensure that it ends up in the right place when allowed to freely slide down the line, thanks to the low friction nylon ring which also aids bite indication. Should it become snagged, then it will easily come free from your main line.Key features Pin down your line Easy to attach Low friction nylon ring Comes off if it gets snagged

    16 in stock


  • Korda DF Ready Tied Carp Rig 15lb 1

    Korda Korda DF Ready Tied Carp Rig 15lb

    Korda DF Ready Tied Carp Rig 15lb It has never been easier to use one of Korda boss Danny Fairbrass’ favourite rigs, as there is now a ready-tied DF Carp Rig, which is tied exactly how he would do it himself, using the same components. This is a highly effective rig, which can be used with bottom baits, wafters, or even pop-ups (with the addition of a counter balance weight), and the blowback style ring running on the shank, plus a piece of shrink tubing to give the hook an aggressive stance, mean that it has great hooking potential. It is tied using the Wide Gape pattern of hook to 15lb N-Trap Soft for size 6, 8 and 10 hooks, 20lb for size 4, and 30lb for size 2, with a size 8 swivel attached via a figure-of-eight loop knot at the other end.Key features As used by Danny Fairbrass Versatile, can be used with bottom baits or pop-ups N-Trap Soft with a Wide Gape hook Great hooking potential

  • Korda Heli Lead 1

    Korda Korda Heli Lead

    Korda Heli Lead The Heli Lead has been designed specifically for use with our Heli-Safe System and features a ring instead of a swivel, which gives a much neater connection. The weight-forward, streamlined shape of these leads means that they are very stable in flight and can be cast a very long way. The camouflage painted finish is very tough and chip resistant, and will blend in well with the lake bed.   Key features For use with the Heli-Safe System Attached via a ring Streamlined shape for long range Camoflage painted finish

    £1.85 - £2.05


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